Monday, December 15, 2008

Cameras in free-fall, and more Wireless Mics

...I don't mean their prices are in free fall..

If you’re planning on using a harddrive based camcorder in free fall situations, you might want to reconsider it; seems that the hard drive parks the heads when it thinks it’s falling, and the camcorder won’t work. That’s what Matt Harding found when he tried to use the Sony SR-1 in a zero-g plane. New York Time, Pogue: The Perils of Zero-Gravity Videography
17 million watch a guy doing a gig? Jessh, I'm in the wrong business.

Even more on the wireless microphone/spectrum issue can be found here: Spectrum Talk: Wireless Mics are a Legitimate Use of Spectrum and Wireless Microphone Update: The Twisted Logic of NAB and MSTV - Now Locked in Conflict with APCO and CTIA

I particularly like his use of the term "criminal spectrum squatting."

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