Monday, October 13, 2008

Nikon D90 review at DPReview has their review of the Nikon D90 up. They are a little concerned about the matrix metering and how the highlights tend to slip a bit more than they'd like, but otherwise they seem to like it.

Video get's a mixed review, with them noting it's hard to escape the impression that this is a first-generation implementation. After describing the problems of the rolling shutter, they go on to note:

The automatic exposure can result in rather 'stepped' exposure changes - the aperture is locked so the problem seems to stem from amplifier stepping. Color rendition is not as convincing as in stills recording, with the red channel appearing to clip in our bus sample. Autofocus is also only available prior to recording, using the less-than-spritely contrast-detect mode, so once the 'rec' dot appears, you'll be left having to focus manually.

The sound quality (11kHz Mono) - with no option for an external mic - was also criticized, and in the end they conclude that you shouldn't buy this camera for it's video capabilities (but then no one really ever thought that, did they?)

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