Sunday, September 21, 2008

More on Canon 5D Mark II video

There's a write up about photographer Vinvent Laforet's experience with the 5D Mark II at Gizmodo "A Taste of the Canon 5D Marl IIs mindblowing Full HD video." It's depth of field control and low light performance look soooo cool.

Someone posted in the comments:
"A top commercial film editor who who regularly edits RED camera footage - and has seen the raw footage from the 5D MKII - says the 5D MKII is "far superior to the RED camera" in terms of low light performance…"

RED is a company that's produced a comparatively low cost very high-res digital video camera, and they are supposed to be releasing some kind of SLR/video camera for around $3,000 either later this year or early next year (note that the comment is not relating to the new camera, but the existing one.)

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