Thursday, July 07, 2011

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So How Much Did it REALLY cost to make ‘Plot Device?’ | Aharon Rabinowitz | Red Giant
Red Giant produced a short movie to promote their new Magic Bullet Suite 11, and it has been quite a hit. A lot of people have asked what it cost, and now they have posted an article explaining the costs, and how others should be able to produce similar results for similar costs Hint: Rent gear. Beg, borrow and steal the rest.
But let’s say this film cost triple what we actually paid. Even that cannot explain away the incredible quality produced by Seth Worley in Plot Device. At the end of the day, a director, even on a limited budget, can produce amazing stuff if they have talent and the right set of tools – something we proved with Plot Device.

Review: Zacuto Z-Finder EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) Test | Sebastian Wiegärtner | Wiegaertnerfilms
The new Zacuto EVF is the winner for me. It has large HDMI in and out, possibility to upgrade the firmware via USB and upscaling function for all current DSLR‘s. Personally I want a red peaking function, which I always love to use with my Cineroid EVF. Steve Weiss of Zacuto has already indicated, that this feature will probably be part of one of the upcoming firmware updates.

The Z-Finder wasn‘t an essential tool for my work with Video DSLR‘s, but the Zacuto Z-Finder EVF has become an absolutely essential tool for me!!

Creator Q&A: Jennifer Fox on How She Raised $150k on Kickstarter | Elisabeth Holm | Kickstarter
Her latest project, My Reincarnation, found wild success on Kickstarter, raising $150,456 from 518 backers worldwide, propelling Fox into the top five most funded filmmakers on our site, paying off her film's distribution deliverables, and affording her documentary a formal theatrical release this fall.
Fox recently shared some of her thoughts on her Kickstarter experience with IndieWire, but we just had to get down to the nitty gritty ok-but-srsly-what-the-!@$%-happened? What did she do? How did she do it? And would she do it again?

How the internet is galvanising support for social justice documentaries
| Justin Kary | The Guardian
"People are putting across a strong argument through documentary. It is a very powerful medium," says Fred Grace of Fat Rat Films, who with his partner, Gemma Atkinson, has been making films for charities for 10 years, including UK Uncut, made for BBC's Newsnight in January this year. "People see the film then show it to friends, but it's nothing without the campaigning that comes after it, creating a whole world through social media, websites and grassroots campaigning that galvanises people."

The Power of Documentaries | Tom Seymour | movieScope
Over the last decade, the documentary has grown in popularity and impact, affecting social and political change, as well as introducing audiences to campaigns, ideas and individuals. But just how do the makers and distributors of these films measure their success?

Is Film School for Chumps? The Indie Film Community Talks Back to Monday’s NYT Article | Bryce J. Renninger | IndieWire
We asked a few filmmakers and professors what they thought of the piece and there’s a real sense that while the classic film-school model has changed, that shouldn’t discourage anyone who wants to be a filmmaker. (Not that it would, anyway.) “There are no guarantees from an education other than personal growth,” says director and Northwestern University professor Kyle Henry. “Anyone selling more than that might as well be shilling snake oil.”

Google Plus – Read the Fine Print BEFORE You Sign Up
| Scott Bourne | photofocus
Interesting warning about placing your images on Google Picasa or any other Google service:
If I do share images on Google services – under the current terms of service – I will risk genuine harm to my ability to earn income from those images. As a professional, I don’t see the reward of using the Google services as being worth more than the risk.


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