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Final Cut Pro X Opinion 3

The Future of Final Cut Pro X | David Frey | DAVID A. FREY Blogspot
David thinks that Final Cut Pro X will become the foundation on which third-party tools will make FCPX a professional tool:
After downloading some upgrades and spending money on additional "apps", pluggins, 3rd part software/hardware, a Pro Editor will actually have built himself a Final Cut Pro X editing station which basically resembles a FCP 7 platform, but it will be able to background render and allows editing while ingesting media.

How unclear use of language has caused two weeks of panic about FCP X | Chris Kenny | Nice Dissolve
Chris offers an explanation for why FCPX lacks certain "pro" features, then goes on to defend Apple in a following editorial:

Why Apple is worth defending | Chris Kenny | Nice Dissolve
Chris thinks the future won't be invented by Avid:
People can’t understand how someone can simultaneously admit that Final Cut Pro X is, at present, largely useless to the market segment his own company works in, but still support what Apple is doing with it. I’ve been called a “fanboy” a bunch of times, and accused of defending Apple essentially out of blind loyalty, even against my own interests.

How will Apple solve FCP X monitoring? | Philip Hodgetts |
Philip thinks Lion may bring new capabilities too:
It seems to me that Final Cut Pro X, although written on Snow Leopard and released so that it’s obvious that it runs well on Snow Leopard, is clearly designed with a look toward a Lion future. Right from AV Foundation – the underpinnings of the media engine in Final Cut Pro X – to the single window(ish) interface, to the autosaving documents.

Apple FCPX: Not what you think it is | Stefan G. Bucher |
I can almost guarantee that FCPX is not what you think it is. This is truly a case where learning everything you can about an application is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Another Threat an FCPX-powered User Base Means to Small Pro Videographers | Ron Dawson | Blade Ronner
Continuing on from his column suggesting that Final Cut Pro X was deigned for Professional Photographers, Ron now thinks it's possible that FCPX was aimed at small businesses doing the video themselves:
If this is the market Apple is going after with FCPX, you know they’ll be successful and reaching it. That means you need to start thinking NOW how you will be able to set yourself apart in such a way that makes it obvious to a potential client why they must hire you! Here are three areas where I see there are opportunities to stand out.

What if Everything Changed in Post, but no one was there to edit? | Kevin Zimmerman |
The "One Project Is One Edit" concept at the core of the new architecture is so misinformed it borders on insane. It is based on the idea that an editor is only editing for their own individual wants and needs. At the risk of sounding pedantic, that is not how the real world works.

CHURCHSPIN 29 “Final Cut Pro X, Conduit 3D Beta & Adobe Edge” | Hal Swift | Tech Arts Network
We discuss the controversy over FINAL CUT PRO X, take a look at awesome utility for 3D and a possible Flash replacement from Adobe called EDGE!

Open letter to Steve Jobs | Neil Evely | Fishtank News
Your decisions have an impact on the industry as a whole, you should know that by now, but it's not always positive. By discontinuing Final Cut Server and no longer supporting FCP7, you have taken a workflow that you, Apple, were proud of and about to PR and ripped the heart out of it.

Soccer Mums and FCPx | seamusvfx | Some Things I Have Done
Seamus doesn't think "Soccer Mum" is a suitable label of derision:
I’m not saying that leaving out EDL export isn’t crazy, or that the interface design language isn’t natty (and what the hell is a CNN iReport and why do I want to share it!?). I will say though that at the core FCPx is a very fast and very impressive NLE and Apple, despite cocking us all about, deserve some credit. 

Switching from Final Cut to Premiere | Matt Jeppsen | FreshDV
Matt decides to abandon Final Cut Pro, though the writing is on the wall early on:
In recent years I have been lusting over Premiere and Media Composer’s new feature additions and 64-bit speed bump, but was not willing to invest the time to switch platforms and re-learn my NLE. 

Final Cut Pro X First Impressions or “FCP, I Hope You Feel Better Soon” | Eric Maierson | MediaStorm
Apple does what Apple does. And most of the time, despite early protests like this one, we come to appreciate the rightness of their decisions. From the iPod to OSX, examples abound. A year from now, let’s hope we can say the same about Final Cut Pro X, but right now I can’t recommend using the program.

Final Cut Pro X Furore | Ben Treston |
I believe a lot of the frustration here would have been avoided if Apple simply came out and said [features would be missing] when previewed. Of course people would have been upset, but at least they would not find this out at launch and then witness the rather surprising backlash that occurred.

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