Thursday, July 07, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 13

After returning from an Apple Executive Briefing for #FCPX I feel a mixture of relief but in-trepidation. The updates will prove everything

Top 20 Requests for Final Cut Pro X | Richard Taylor | FCPX.TV
The list is currently at 24; though one of those is: "Fix Bugs"

My take on the Apple FCPX Briefing in London 6/7/11 | Peter Wiggins |
Yesterday I posted Tweets from Sam Johnson who attended an Apple event about Final Cut Pro X. Peter also attended, and has posted his take.
NOTE: There is a correction to yesterday's post; the volume licensing comment was for FCP7
Main item was FCPX demo which for the first time looked pretty good with somebody working it (apart from Randy) who knew what they were doing. Very slick compared to some of the recent 'stumblethroughs I've seen. I hope Apple put a version of that demo online.
See also: NotesOnVideo: Final Cut Pro X - sort-of news from Apple

The more I use #fcpx the more convinced I'm becoming that the Apple engineers really didn't use the thing.

FCPX Quirks | FCPX Quirks
This website is turning into a good collection of problems and issues encountered with Final Cut Pro X. Latest topics include: Scrubbing loses focus, The biggest workflow problem in Final Cut 10.0 is…

Online Resources Chronicling FCPX Bugs and What You Can Do To Help | Danny Greer |
In this post, we’ll take a look at 2 websites currently chronicling known issues with FCPX, as well as possible workarounds to circumvent these bugs.

FCP X: Resource Roundup
| Eric Wise | Splice Vine
I’ve been amazed by all of the FCP X resources that have sprung up from every corner of the web in the last couple of weeks. If you decide to make the leap (now or eventually) to FCP X you may want to bookmark these sites.

Setting for ContourDesign Shuttle | ContourDesign Shuttle Forum
Settings for Apple Final Cut Pro X. No whining. Getting work done with the new release and using my shuttle to help get it done.

Metadata Expert Published New Final Cut Pro X Book Just Days After Viewing the New Software |
A short blurb on how Philip Hodgetts put together his book so quickly.

REVIEW: Final Cut Pro X | Scott Simmons | Studio Daily
FCPX has changed so much and in such a way that making a judgment call on it is difficult. Most things in FCPX I either love or hate. There’s very little I feel so-so about. I love how FCPX can easily toggle an edit between a full-resolution ProRes edit and a low-resolution ProRes Proxy version. I hate that the option to transcode to ProRes LT is gone. I love how skimming means you’re holding down a mouse button less. I hate how there’s no real dedicated Viewer window when I skim those source clips.
Scott also adds some additional comments at his own blog on ProVideoCoalition: My Final Cut Pro X review now online

Free Final Cut Pro X effect: Alex4D Text Box | Alex Gollner | alex4d
Here’s my next Final Cut Pro X effect: a title generator of a resizable text box with various fill options.

Final Cut Pro X, Demo of Greenscreen Effect, GH2, 20mm 1.7 | Lars Peter Lueg | Vimeo
I just downloaded Final Cut Pro X from the App Store. I am really impressed of the standard keying effect. It works pretty well. Cause I found no video about it on the internet, I filmed a short demo. Just the preset with changing backgrounds.

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