Wednesday, July 06, 2011

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3D Projectors and 2D Movies
Back in May there were reports that 3D projectors were messing up the projection of 2D movies, because theaters weren't switching out the 3D lens when showing 2D movies, resulting in a loss of brightness when 2D movies were being shown.
Sony came back saying it takes less than 20 minutes to switch the lens (which seemed like quite a long time anyway) but now Roger Ebert says it takes longer than that:
It takes two hours to change a 3D projector to handle 2D. So, never see a 2D movie in a 3D-capable theater. It will be dim.
I saw X-Men First Class over the weekend, and I thought that was very dim. Maybe I was seeing it on a 3D projector....
NotesOnVideo: News From Here & There: Sony says wrong about Digital Projectors

Creating a Shot List | Ron Dawson | BladeRonner
Last Friday I talked about the importance of creating policies and procedures. In that post, I talked about the value of having a written equipment check list to go through before ever shoot. There’s another list that’s pretty important if you’re a filmmaker: the shot list. This is the process I learned in filmmaking classes almost twenty years ago, and they still work great today.

For Film Graduates, an Altered Job Picture | Michael Cieply | New York Times
“It’s becoming an increasingly flooded marketplace,” said Andrew Dahm, who in May graduated from the Peter Stark producing program at U.S.C. [...] “At U.S.C. about 4,800 would-be students applied for fewer than 300 slots next fall, up from about 2,800 applicants the year before.

5 Facts About For-Profit Film Schools You Should Know | FilmmakerIQ
1. They are generally much more expensive.
In August 2010, the Government Accountability Office found that in 14 out of 15 times, the tuition at a for-profit school was more expensive than its public counterpart, and 11 out of 15 times, it was more expensive than the private counterpart.

NY Post Production Conference | October 11-13 | New York City
The New York Post Production Conference features dozens of expert training sessions for video, TV, film and new media professionals.

Statistics | YouTube
More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years.

The Tao of Crowd-Funding: Three Ps for a Successful Film Campaign | John Trigonis | What's In My Manvelope?
The only real issue I find with crowd-funding is that many people jump into a campaign without the proper knowledge of how it all works or without a carefully planned outline. Specifically, there are things that every filmmaker should be aware of before embarking on a campaign, things that have been proven to work not just for my short film Cerise, but for many other, more recent projects as well. 

Canon performing in the Arctic | Canon
TV cameraman Phil Coates took the Canon XF100 and XA10 HD camcorders to the Arctic, in extreme temperatures that fall as low as -43ÂșC – and reports back with video blogs.

AVCHD Format Updated | AVCHD-Info
The AVCHD Format has been updated to Version 2.0 by adding new specificationsfor 3D and 1080/60p,50p. New trademarks; "AVCHD 3D", "AVCHD Progressive" and"AVCHD 3D/Progressive" are introduced.
Great! Now we can expect more problems from NLE's not supporting future camera formats!

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