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Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 12


Use clean title as adjustment layer in Final Cut Pro X | Tapio Haaja | Tapio Haaja's Blog
One thing I love in After Effects are adjustment layers and I just realized you can actually use titles as effects in Final Cut Pro X and they behave just like adjustment layers (actually you can go much further in Final Cut Pro X).

FCP Tip – Change Colored Markers FAST! | Chadwick Paul | Chadwick Paul Blog
One often overlooked power feature of Final Cut Pro 7 is the ability to not just make markers with the “m” key. The “m” key always gives you the same default red marker. What if you had to indicate something like script markers with one color and a select part of a take with another?

Final Cut Pro X Tips from a Final Cut Pro 7 Editor | Richard Taylor | LAFCPUG
Final Cut Pro X, FCPX, is a new V1.0 application. It is not an update to Final Cut Pro 7. To help make the transition easier for those who actually want to use FCPX, I’m assembling some of the tips that I use while editing with FCPX. I'll update this list as I continue to work with it. Keyboard shortcuts are in parenthesis.

60p to 24p in FCPX | David Chapman | davechapfilms
Conforming 60p to 24p for a slow motion effect with Final Cut Pro X -
This used to be easy with previous versions of Final Cut Studio and the bundled Cinema Tools. How do you conform your footage if you don't have Cinema Tools?

Final Cut Pro X: Three Tips from a Top Trainer | Troy Dreiler | OnlineVideo
The Manhattan Edit Workshop has been getting a lot of calls for Apple Final Cut Pro X training, says Apple Certified Trainer Ari Feldman. That’s why it’s holding its first FCPX class, a hands-on intensive, on July 9th and 10th.
[and offers these tips]
Scrub with the S Key
Reverse Your Ken Burns
Duplicating a Project

Final Cut Pro X default keyboard layout [PDF] |


FCP X Audio Tutorial Part 3: How to Create Keyframes and Use the Range Selection Tool to Adjust Sound Levels | Danny Greer |
In this third part of our series on working with audio in Final Cut Pro X, we’ll take a look at how the range selection tool automates the placement of keyframes in FCPX. Final Cut Pro X also allows you to manually keyframe audio during playback in the timeline…great for doing quick sound mixes.

12 free FCPX basic video tutorials from Dan Allen. Here are parts 1 to 4 |
I've linked to these before, but it's worth repeating...
Dan Allen, a student filmaker has published 12 free tutorials for Final Cut Pro X. We always like to feature new tutorial makers so we've posted the first four after the break.

FCPX - Quick Tip -Working In The Timeline | Kevin P. McAuliffe | CreativeCOW
When you are just starting out, navigating through your timeline in a new NLE can be tricky enough. Let these two Final Cut Pro X Quick Tips (also see Previewing Effects FCPX Quick Tips) help you speed up your workflow, so you're cuttin' like a pro in FCPX in no time flat.

FCPX Quick Tip - Previewing Effects | Kevin P. McAuliffe | CreativeCOW
Adding effects, rendering, then deciding to check out another effect can take minutes, or even hours.....well, not in FCPX. You can quickly and easily preview effects before you even apply them with the instructions in this Final Cut Pro X video tutorial.


FCPX on the iPad |
Whoa! hang on, don't spit your coffee out, this isn't a standalone Final Cut Pro X app running on an iPad, it's actually FCPX running remotely. We've seen this before but here Matts Macintosh shows us how well the GUI would work if FCPX was an iPad app. Interesting and frightening.

Final Cut Pro Feedback | Apple
Note Happy? Leave Apple a message! (though keep it constructive or they'll just ignore it!)


PluralEyes 50% off Crossgrade | Singular Software
Already own PluralEyes and thinking of switching to another NLE? Singular Software is offering a 50% off cross-grade.

Review: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 | Eugenia Loli-Queru | OS News
I'm tempted to get Vega just for 3D editing...of course, I don't have a 3D camera...
A few days ago Sony released the 11th version of their consumer "Movie Studio HD Platinum" version of their popular PC video editing platform, Vegas. A variety of new features can be found in it, most importantly 3D stereoscopic editing support, and a faster h.264 decoder for AVCHD/digicam/dSLR footage.

A Final Cutter Tries Out Premiere Pro | Helmut Kobler | CreativeCOW
An extensive article which starts out with a good list of reasons not to trust that Apple is putting the pro's needs first, followed by why he choose to try Premiere over Avid, and then has an extensive report on his experiences with Premiere.
But I can definitely say that First Contact with Premiere was impressive and compelling. And beyond the application itself, I have a lot more confidence in Adobe's ability to deliver professional solutions than I do Apple's. It's really very simple: If Apple's Pro apps went away tomorrow, Apple would barely feel it on its bottom line or stock price. If Adobe's Pro apps went away, so would Adobe. Pro apps is all Adobe thinks about, and after 4+ years of neglect at Apple's hands, that kind of singular focus sounds pretty compelling.

Little Things Make the Big Difference – Editing in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 | Vashi Nedomansky | hurlblog
I was excited to see what the new Final Cut Pro X was going to give us. I won’t delve any deeper into the option of using Final Cut Pro X but to say that it does not fit into my workflow and too many professional options are missing. What I want to focus on in this blog is the little things in PP CS 5.5 that make a big difference.

Transitioning: Update on our search to replace FCP | Walter Biscardi | Biscardi Creative Blog
We’re one week into our search to transition our facility away from Apple and Final Cut Pro so I wanted to bring everyone up to date on where we stand so far. This was a very busy week as you can imagine with both production work in the shop and many MANY requests for myself to speak to national media outlets, podcasts and personal visits to our facility. So the testing will really ramp up this coming week.

Working With Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro | Richard Harrighton | Scribd
An excerpt from An Editor's Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro, which you can read online. Note, this covers Final Cut Pro 7, not X.
Amazon: An Editor's Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro

5 Great Features That Might Make You Switch To Final Cut Pro X | Danny Greer |
Yes, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that Apple missed the mark on many features of the new application (on it’s release day I wrote a post here outlining many of the missing features of FCPX). And yes, at this point we can all agree that FCP X has a long way to go to satisfy the professional post production market. [...]
4. Audio Plugins: Have you used the audio filters in earlier FCP versions? If yes, then you know they are/were extremely difficult to work with.

Offer runs through September 30th: Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium - License [Add the Full version to the cart, then in the cart, click on the "Click here to enter a promo code." text just below the details and enter "SWITCH" and the discount is applied]

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