Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Opinion 2

A Former Avid Employee’s Thoughts On FCPX: “Even though the FCPX rollout seemingly exposes Apple’s hubris, I’m glad they did it.” | Zac Cichy | techvessel
Zac interviews Mike Bernardo, who used to work at Avid
We worked on building “next generation” editor software. New UI, new technical foundation that would take advantage of multiple CPUs and GPUs. Unfortunately these efforts ultimately went nowhere, since the company as a whole was too timid and worried about disenfranchising the existing customer base – exactly the problem Apple is facing now.

FINAL CUT PRO X. Is it really that bad or is it a tool for a new Pro category or: How I got a refund | Shmuel Hoffman | SHMUEL HOFFMAN'S BLOG!
I think the title should be OR: Why I got a refund...
UPDATE: The software starts to disintegrate itself. More and more features are starting not to work anymore, whether its about corrupted project files that causes FCPX to crash or title effects that render only parts of the text as oppose the full text (i.e. blur in and out, title inspector doesn’t open anymore in order to make changes on the text.

Final Cut Pro X - Too Little, Too Late | Daniel Allen | Step 2 Inspire
So, Apple, we need to know what direction this is going in, so we can either get out now, or ride the FCPX wave. This Application has potential - and you really need to give it a good go. However it is missing many features that made Final Cut so popular in the first place.

Using FCPX in the field! My experience | CBlakeston | forum
Being able to work with footage as soon as it was copied from the XDCAM disc was a huge time saver, as was being able to skim through footage so quickly and have it automatically grouped into two shots and wide shots ect. I'm not saying the job couldn't have been done in FCP7 but using FCPX I was much more confident about the edit and felt I knew the material much better.

Final Cut Pro X…some thoughts | Eric Kmetz | InFocus
Video commentary, plus...
Even weeks after the software’s release, the dust still has not settled and the mere mention of the term “FCPX” draws heated debates and furor on social media sites and blogs.
Below are comments from one of Epic’s shooters and editors, Stewart Smith. He and I are on the same page when it comes to Final Cut Pro X, and I wanted to share with all of you what he has to say.

Thoughts on Final Cut Pro X (from a non-Mac owner) | Jason Konoza | 8 Frame Dissolve
Right now, in it’s current form, it seems FCPX is not worth buying a Mac for. I think I’ll take a wait-and-see approach before I pull the trigger with a new MBP. I’m sure it will happen eventually, maybe I just have buyer’s cold feet. :) Until then, the online FCPX discussions have been fun, and I look forward to Apple’s future plans with the program. I’ll be listening, but ultimately my wallet talks.

Steve Jobs to video pros: stop whining | Ulysse Merou | Scoopetino
An amusing take on what Steve Jobs might say...
Why the uproar about Final Cut Pro X? According to Steve Jobs, you can blame “picky” pros.
Apple’s CEO took the unusual step today of posting an open letter on defending what he called “the best video editing software on the planet.”

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