Thursday, July 07, 2011

Final Cut Pro X - Adding Transitions to Titles

There's lots of little oddities - should I say differences? - in Final Cut Pro X that seem to annoy me. One of these is adding transitions to Titles.

When adding Text and Titles over video, I often like to use a transition (either a wipe or dissolve) to bring them on and take them off. In Final Cut Pro 7, it's easy; you put the title on a track above the video, and add a transition by clicking and dragging it to either end of the clip.

Try that in Final Cut Pro X, and it's a different story. Once again, you drag the title above the video. It appears to be in a "track" above the video. But try dragging a Transition to either end of the Title "track" and nothing happens.

Title added above video

Turns out that if you want to add a transition, you have to first turn it into a Storyline. That's simple enough, just right-click the clip and choose Create Storyline.

Turning Title into a Storyline

And now it's a Storyline, you can add a transition at either end of it.

Adding a transition to the beginning of a Title Storyline

Now to review; that's an extra step you have to go through (no big deal) but it's also totally non-obivous. Who would think to turn a Title into a Storyline so they could add a Transition to it; unless they were told to do so first?

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Ummagumma said...

Thanks so much, this was driving me nuts. I was adjusting opacity with key points to fade titles in and out!

ursasveritas said...

If you select the in or out point and use the shortcut Command+T to add the default, cross dissolve, it will make it a storyline and add the transition all in one keystroke...