Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sony reports problems with some HDV DVM63HD tapes

Dear Valued Sony HDV Tape Customer:
We have discovered a quality issue on a very limited quantity of consumer HDV DVM63HD products in North, Central and South America. In some cases, video and audio content may not be recorded during initial use.
  • Users may not recognize this problem during shooting, but may discover it when attempting to playback the content. This condition is not recoverable.
  • If the camcorder/VTR is found to have head clogging after using an affected tape, it can be easily corrected by using a cleaning cassette. 
  • However, if the cassette functioned normally the first time, the head clogging problem will not occur.
In order to ensure customer satisfaction, Sony has decided to replace the affected cassette production lots, which can be identified by the Production Lot Numbers listed below

The affected cassettes are:
Model Numbers: DVM63HDR, DVM63HDR/2, 3DM63HDR
Production Lot Numbers: xxxxxxx5L, xxxxxxx6L, xxxxxxx7L, xxxxxxx8L

The Production Lot Numbers are printed on the cassette, sub box and master box.

If you have any HDV DVM63HD cassettes from the above mentioned lot numbers, we recommend that you return them (freight collect) to the location noted below for replacement.

Sony Warranty Center
11302 East Point Drive Building B, Suite 100,
Laredo, TX 78045
Attn: HDV Replacement

If you or any recipient of this notice have any questions or need assistance regarding this matter, please call Sony’s Technical Support hotline at 877-440-3453.

dvinfo: Sony Admits Bad Batch(es) of HDV Tape [PDF available at this link]

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