Saturday, November 20, 2010

RED Epic Camera - Top Ten Questions

Fresh off the Asia Red Epic Tour, Ted Schilowitz "Leader of the Rebellion" of RED Digital Cinema and Tonaci Tran get together in Vietnam to talk about the Red Epic camera.

Here's a quick summary of the questions/answers, though watch the video for the full details.

  1. When will it ship? - When it's ready
  2. How much does it weigh? - Body only about 5lbs. Typical configuration about 9lbs.
  3. How do you take stills and motion at the same time? - Not sure I followed the a preset button?
  4. What accessories from the Red One will work with Epic? - Short answer is almost everything
  5. Does HDRX work in camera - There's an easy HDRX mode that works in-camera. - HDRX mode extends the usable range from a little over 13 stops to 18 stops. 
  6. Talk about the redesign and cooling he does
  7. Can you have two on-board LCDs at the same time? - Yes
  8. Is there a 5.5K mode coming? - Never say never.
  9. What happens if you put a non-Canon lens in? - It goes to a default mode.
  10. Will there be Red Rocket support for 5K files? - Goal is to have everything in tandem working at release

The video is presented in two parts. Here's the first part:

The second video can be found here: RED EPIC CAMERA - TOP TEN QUESTIONS - PART 2

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