Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More on the Sony NXCAM 35mm

There doesn't seem to be a name for this camera yet, so for the moment, I'm going to use the name NXCAM 35mm as it's the hash-tag that Peter Crithary of Sony is using for it.

Alistair Chapman is at InterBEE ns Japan, where a camera prototype is being shown, and on he reports:
It is of a modular design with removable microphone holder, hand grip and many other parts. I don't think this will use the same sensor as the F3. The F3 is from the Atsugi factory and this is from the Shinagawa factory and they rarely share sensors. I suspect it will use an Alpha/NEX sensor but with an optical low pass filter specifically for video applications as opposed to the VG10's OLPF which has to work for both video and stills. On the rear of the camera body there is a huge opening that looks too big to be just a battery compartment so I suspect that some kind of media or recording section will dock into the rear of the camera. No genlock apparently, but other sync methods being investigated.

You can see some pictures at Alistair's blog: Interbee 2010. Sony F3, Sony 35mm NXCAM and Hurricane Rig

The addition of a low pass filter could reduce moire issues found in the Sony NEX-VG10. The other major complaints about that camera are the lack of 24p support, and the lack of audio controls. Seems like this camera could address those issues.

Though no price has officially been announced, it's been reported that it will be ~6,000 Euros.

Meanwhile, Peter Crithary, Marketing Manager for Production at Sony Electronics has tweeted a few things about the camera:
  • Large format sensor Super 35mm is over 20% larger than micro 4/3" Capable of 1080/60p, 50p
  • Existing and future E-mount lenses attach directly. Alpha A-mount lenses via LA-EA1 adapter
  • Designed from the ground up for "motion picture capability"
  • From the design team that brought you the HXR-NX5u

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