Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazon offering money for scripts and movies

Amazon has started "Amazon Studios" and is offering money for scripts and movies through a series of "contests." The first contest runs through January 31, and there's a $100,000 award for Best Movie, and two $20,000 awards for Best Script.

The Best Movie part is a little confusing, as they are asking for a movie that's not necessarily finished, and yet...
An Amazon Studios test movie should be an inexpensive, full-length movie that tells the whole story of the script in a compelling way, has very good acting and sound, but that doesn't necessarily have polished production values. So unless your crane shot is essential to telling the story, skip it or do it in storyboard. The purpose of the movies at Amazon Studios is to show how scripts are working up on their feet.
Inexpensive, but with good acting and sound? Production values don't have to be polished, but the sound has to be good? Seems a bit oxymoronish to me!

Note too that by uploading material to their site you give them an exclusive right to buy it for 18 months, AND they can extend that option for another 18 months by paying you $10,000.

AND, any script you upload can be "revised" by other participants (though you still get some percentage if the work is optioned.)

But if you've been unable to get notice anywhere else, this might be an opportunity to get your name out there.

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NOTE: I am an Amazon Affiliate but this post is not intended as an endorsement of the Amazon Studio's project.

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