Friday, November 19, 2010

News From Here & There

Zoom H4n Firmware Update
Zoom has kicked out a firmware update for the Zoom H4n recorder. System Version 1.7 now let's you set the recording level of INPUT1 and 2 individually. The inability to set individual levels was one of the reasons why several professionals were preferring the Tascam DR-100.
Zoom: H4n Software Download
Amazon: Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder [$299]
Amazon: Tascam DR100 Portable Digital Recorder [$294]

Google TV Gets Criticism
David Pogue and Walt Mossberg take a look at Google TV - as implemented by Sony and Logitech - and they think it's too complicated:
But no matter how many times the industry tries to cram Web+TV down our throats, the masses just don’t swallow. That’s probably because when we sit down at the TV, we want to be passive, with brains turned off, and when we surf the Web, we’re in a different mind-set: more active, more directed
 - Pogue
The quest to bring the full range of Internet video to your TV in a simple way continues, but it isn’t going well. The latest team to try—Google, Logitech and Sony—has made an admirably bold effort, but, like others before, it has missed the mark, at least in its first effort.
- Mossberg
NY Times: Google TV, Usability Not Included
Wall Street Journal: Google TV: No Need to Tune In Just Yet

Engadget  and Visual Impact London Get To Play With The Sony PMW-F3
The image quality of the PMW-F3 seems better than most DSLRs. Rolling shutter isn't bad. Warble and skew are minimized to extreme whip movements. Again, they didn't show off any sort of severe color correction so it's hard to say how well the colorspace holds up. Fancy Sony-only "stuff" like S-Log and Hypergamma will allow for tweaking. Overcranking for in camera slow-motion effects are disappointingly capped at 60fps.
Engadget: Sony sees RED with PMW-F3 camera, we go hands-on with the $16k "indie" (video)
YouTube: Sony PMW F3 New camcorder

CNN To Go From Tape-Based Systems To JVC GY-HM100U ProHD camcorders
JVC Professional Products Company today announced that CNN has purchased 177 GY-HM100U ProHD camcorders, which JVC understands is the first step in a process to replace hundreds of aging, tape-based DV camcorders now in use throughout CNN’s global operations. Additional cameras are expected to be purchased by CNN in 2011.

A compact, handheld 3-CCD camcorder, the GY-HM100U records high definition video at 35 Mbps in the MPEG-2 format compatible with the XDCAM file-based workflow used throughout CNN. The JVC camcorder records 1080i files in the MP4 format directly onto SDHC memory cards.
JVC Press Release: CNN to replace aging, Tape-BAased DV camcorders with JVC PROHD
B & H: JVC GY-HM100U ProHD Camcorder [$2,795]

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