Thursday, November 18, 2010

No confirmation on sensor in upcoming NXCAM 35mm

Sony Electronics U.S. says that at this time they cannot confirm if the NXCAM 35mm camera they announced a couple of days ago will use the same sensor as the PMW-F3 that was announced last week.

Meanwhile, at Film And Digital Times, Seth Emmons reports on Sony’s recent Super 35mm event at the George Lucas Building at the University of Southern California. While this meeting was ostensibly about the PMW-F3, the NXCAM 35mm camera was also touched on.
Although there were those who questioned the choice of a 35 Mbs codec [in the PMW-F3], Crithary answered with what we thought was the biggest surprise of the night. SR Memory is closer than you think, and more affordable. Although he declined to put a price tag or delivery date on the SR Memory recorder, called SR-R1, he did expect it to be within reach of many cinematographers. The ability to record up to 440 Mbs (and higher) onto solid state, RAID-5 protected cards of up to 1Tb should meet the needs of any of any high-budget, VFX-heavy feature.
Film And Digital Times: Sony F3 and NXCAM 35 in LA

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