Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Martin Scanlan & Steve Lawes get to play with a PMW-F3

....we get to watch.

"The first short film in the world shot on the new Sony PMW-F3" is now on Vimeo. Martin Scalan and Steve Lawes got to play with the camera and have posted this video. Check out the video, and then go to read the blog about it: Hands on review of the new Sony PMW-F3
I think that Sony have something very interesting here, I think the camera will be a success. There are things that I would like to see different on the camera, but I could say that about an Alexa, Red or DSLR. I feel the image quality that you will be able to get out the back of this camera is it’s main attribute. If Sony, or somebody else for that matter such as AJA come up with a compact, possibly solid state off board recorder that can take advantage of this, you have a very interesting prospect.

Convergence - Short Film shot on Sony PMW-F3 from Martin Scanlan on Vimeo.

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