Sunday, November 14, 2010

News from Here & There

Sony PMW-F3
The U.S. Sony Professional Services division has invited people interested in the upcoming PMW-F3 to write to them explaining what they would do with the PMW-F3 if they had it for a week:
What would you shoot with PMW-F3 if you had the camcorder for one week? Let us know, you may get the chance. E-mail
And if you're interested in the camera, Jon Fauer at Film & Digital Times gives a good summary of what's known about the camera so far: Sony PMW-F3

The Business
"Dennis" at Filmmakeriq has written an article on why being an indepedent filmmaker is like opening a restaurant:
There are countless books, websites, forums, etc., filled with “advice” on how to break into filmmaking. They talk about who you need to know, what you need to write, how to talk, walk and shit. But while (some) information is always a good thing, they don’t really tell you what’s truly needed. Yes you need some talent, but the true filtering process is all about how much an individual is willing to give up/risk to become a filmmaker.
Just be aware: "one in four restaurants close or change ownership within their first year of business. Over three years, that number rises to three in five."

Meanwhile, if you'd rather be a film producer, there's a good article about just that over at the Tom Cruise website [Really? The Tom Cruise? -Yep!] : How To Become A Film Producer

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