Thursday, November 18, 2010

News from Here & There

Sony PMW-F3 Camera Test
Another video shot with the Sony PMW-F3. This camera test was produced by Stargate Studios:

Sony PMW F3 Camera Test from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.

People watching more web video ads?
A report on video ad monetization quoted in Adweek claims that people are watching more ads, and watching more of them:
"Much early reporting on the issue focused on short clips of user-generated content and showed extremely low completion rates for pre-roll ads," the report states. "Clearly behavior is different with professional content, especially long form."
Adweek: More Videos Ads, More User Acceptance

ARRI Alexa A Hit
The ARRI Alexa is proving popular in Hollywood and worldwide with almost 1,000 orders and 400 already delivered, including 200 in North America.
“It’s a no brainer. The workflow to go with the camera is there and in place, and it works,” cinematographer David Stump, co-chair of the ASC Technology Committee’s camera subcommittee, said of the Alexa. He added that ARRI is a highly trusted name in professional cameras.

[...]Stump observed that cinematographers who are moving toward Alexa seem to be “moving upward from Red or sideways from tape-based cameras like Genesis (from Panavision).”
HollywoodReporter: Alexa Becoming Digital Camera of Choice for Hollywood Cinematographers

Nice Moves
A very nicely shot movie of street trials rider Danny MacAskill full of jib shots and dolly moves.

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