Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3D

I saw my first 3D movie in a while. The last time I saw a 3D movie was three or four years ago when I saw a  movie about the Space Station projected on an IMAX screen. I was curious to see whether things had drastically changed since then, so I was excited to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. This was at a regular movie theater, not at an IMAX theater.

Let me add too that I’m a fan of Toy Story – and Pixar movies in general - and Toy Story 3 is pretty good. It did feel a bit like a reworking of the themes of the second movie –toys are “lost” once more, there’s an evil toy working against our heroes, and children leaving behind their toys as they grow up is a central element – but it was still enjoyable.

But when it comes to 3D, I still have mixed feelings. The image is slightly dimmer, and fast motion seems to blur or stutter in a way that’s different to the way 24fps film normally seems to stutter. Maybe it’s a problem with the left-right frames being out of position, or maybe I imagined it?

While initially there was a lot of 3D effect going on – particularly in the 3D trailers shown beforehand – things were pretty subdued through much of the movie, and after a while I almost forgot that I was watching something in “3D.”

I didn’t come away feeling like I would have missed anything by seeing it in “2D.” I remain a skeptic who might yet be convinced, but at the moment, I'd rather watch a movie in "Real 2D."

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