Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts on Jimmy Kimmel Live via webcam

Last nights episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live was recorded on Kimmel's computer webcam; it seems the power to the studio cameras went out, but they still had power for lights. The show was sort of interesting; it started with him in his office, and felt a bit like a YouTube show, but then it moved to the studio and almost started to feel like a regular show (I'm talking content here.) I watched the whole thing, just in case they got the regular cameras working ; but they didn't!

  • I couldn't help wondering at what point they decided to go to the webcam. Did they think they'd do the whole show that way when he started out in the office?
  • This would have looked so much better if they had an iPhone 4. THOUGH, the webcam comes with a tripod, the iPhone doesn't.
  • They're in the LA and they couldn't run next door/across the street and buy/rent a couple of Sony Handycam's?
  • For half the show they used microphones (to the PA in the studio.) The sound quality was much better when they stopped using those (which I gather wasn't on purpose, it appeared that the PA stopped working.)
  • Stars seem more like regular people on webcams.
  • Every now and again the video froze for a second or two, but the sound kept playing without a hitch. Other than the lack of resolution, the whole thing wasn't that bad.
  • Supposedly it was recorded on a MacBook. I'm not sure if Apple should use this as a new advertising campaign.

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