Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Panasonic AG-AF100

Back at NAB in March, Panasonic pre-announced the AG-AF100, a professional video camera based on the Micro Four Thirds lens format. There weren't a whole lot of details, but yesterday Panasonic released a Preliminary PDF brochure on their website with more information...and then took it down again. But DPReview has a copy you can see.

Notable features: XLR input, HD-SDI output, 24 and 30p support, SDXC cards, and timecode support.

No confirmed released date or price, though some are already suggesting this will be an HDSLR killer [HDWarrior: Breaking News “Panasonic AG-AF100 AVCCAM film like camcorder”].

NotesOnVideo: More on that Panasonic camera
Panasonic Press Release: Panasonic Introduces AG-AF100 Panasonic reveals more details of AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds camcorder

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