Friday, June 25, 2010

At the SuperMeet

Today is Boston SuperMeet day. In addition to tonights "show," there were free workshops by Adobe and Nvidia, and a presentation by Rodney Charters, ASC, DP on the series"24."

Net result; I'm thoroughly depressed about the future of Final Cut, and video editing on the Mac platform. It might be time to switch to Premiere and *shudder* Windows. The signs suggest Apple isn't going to support GPU acceleration.

Rodgers talk was a surprisingly down-to-earth, and realistic conversation that covered the application if HD SLRs in all applications, from features and series work to documentaries and YouTube.

There was a vendor show set up and I shot some stuff with the iPhone and edited it with iMovie. FINALLY figured out how to delete a clip; click and drag it up out of the timeline!

Show just started with a video of the unboxing of an iPhone; shot on the iPhone!

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