Friday, June 25, 2010

Tech Expo @ Rule: Sony HXR-MC50U

This camera first appeared on the web - unofficially - around NAB, but details were sparse. Now it's almost here, and we know a little more about it, including that it has a single 1/2.88" back-illuminated Exmor™ R CMOS sensor. While it's sold by Sony's professional video unit, some describe it as the consumer HDR-CX550V that's been prettied up a bit; larger battery, lens hood and mic.

While it comes with a small shot-gun mic, it only has a 1/8" audio jack. It's unclear whether it has any other new features in the firmware (like zebras.) While the mic looks like it's molded to the camera, it's actually slotted into a hot-shoe mount with a rubber cover.

It's a nice looking little camera, but you're paying $400 for those extra features...

Sony: HXRMC50U Ultra Compact AVCHD Camcorder
B & H: HXR-MC50U Ultra Compact Pro AVCHD Camcorder ($1,599.95)
B & H: Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB HD Handycam Camcorder ($1,199)

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Arlen said...

Looks like a modern day version of the Sony PDx10. Though perhaps without some of the pro features that camera had, like exposure adjust, manual focus, white balance, etc.