Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4, iMovie app report

I'm not going to write about the three and a half hours spent waiting in line to get the iPhone 4 (learned my lesson; it's delivery for everything from here on out.)

Okay. I lied. But that's all I'm going to say about it.

Generally, the iPhone 4 has met my expectations: the screen is amazing, it's a lot faster than the 3G (woot) and the camera is a big improvement.

Video isn't too bad either, though that's what the stabilizers in my camcorders have been fixing all these years!

But the iMovie app? That's a big disappointment. No, I wasn't looking for Final Cut Pro on the iPhone. I wasn't even expecting the Mac version of iMovie. But I was expecting a little more;
  • More than two transitions (you get None, Dissolve, and a "Theme" that's a graphic wipe that's specific to the theme you chose for the project)
  • The ability to add text that you can set the position and font of (at the moment you get three custom text choices per theme, with the position and font locked)
  • A few filters/effects (brightness/contrast, a little color adjustment)
Now maybe I've not discovered every feature - it took me forever to find the text option and how to add audio...and how do you remove a clip you added by mistake?!

If iMovie had come for free with the iPhone I'd have been happy enough with it - and checking out third-party options - but for $5?! Let's not forget that Pages/Numbers/Keynote for the iPad are $10, BUT are about twenty times as feature filled as iMovie for the iPhone.

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