Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tech Expo @ Rule: Genus Shoulder Mount & Matte Box

Genus shared a table with Manfrotto, who is now acting as Genus' distributor. Actually, this arrangement was first reported back in May, but the guy at the table said it will be "officially" official on July 1st.

They were showing matte boxes for DSLRs, which you can buy separately ($799.95), or as part of a kit with an adapter base designed for use with DSLRs ($229.95 separately).

Genus DSLR Mattebox Kit

Also on display was the Genus Camera Shoulder Mount System ($872.50). This item is listed by B&H as "usually ships in 7 to 14 days," though the guy at the show claimed they were new and wouldn't even begin shipping until July 1st (which I guess is about 7 to 14 days.) The front and back part of the rig are at slightly different heights, with a sort of cantilever,  and you can switch this around based on your preference.

The follow focus shown on the rig (below) is not included in the price. Their follow-focus unit has reversible gears so it will turn the "right" way, whether using Canon or Nikon lenses.

Genus Camera Shoulder Mount

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