Friday, June 11, 2010

PHYX Cleaner - smooth footage in Final Cut and After Effects

The PHYX Cleaner plug-in can rebuild pixelated chroma (color) channels, restore lost information in gradients, convert fields into progressive comb-free frames, buff-out skin blemishes, and remove high and low frequency jagged noise.

  • Chroma Reconstructor: Rebuilds pixelated chroma (color) channels, repairs blocky colors, and removes unwanted sub-sampling artifacts.
  • Deband: Restores lost information in gradients, and increases effective color depth up to 32-bits per color.
  • Deinterlace: Converts fields into progressive frames free of comb-like artifacts using field reconstruction and Optical Flow.
  • Digital Make Up Kit: Smooth skin blemishes in post-production.
  • Fast Noise Reduction: Spatial noise reduction engine that removes high and low frequency noise (fine and large noise) from images.
PHYX Cleaner runs within the FxFactory platform and is available for $199 USD via the Noise Industries website ( A trial version is now included with the standard FxFactory installer.

Noise Industries: Home Page
PHYX Inc: Home Page

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