Tuesday, June 08, 2010

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Using the Canon 5D on set
Joshua Caldwell at Hollywood Bound And Down has written about his experiences using the Canon 5D on Anthony Zuiker's Digi-novel Dark Prophecy, where he worked as second camera and editor. They had previously used the RED camera, but were handicapped by the amount of light needed, and were looking to cut down the budget - and the time required to light - so decided to look at the 5D.
Having used it before on Mateo's Live at Swing House, I was very aware of its low-light capability and amazingly shallow depth of field. By going with the 5Ds we could probably shoot on two cameras, doubling the amount of footage we'd be able to capture, while still staying at a relatively low budget (camera department wise). Also, because of it's low-light capability, we would require less lights, which means less lighting time, which means more time shooting, which = happy boss.
He goes through the problems with rigs, follow-focus and HDMI monitoring. Ultimately it worked for them - particularly the low-light capabilities - though he wouldn't use it for everything:
Ultimately, this camera was the perfect solution for this project. I do not believe that the Canon 5D is a RED-killer. Like all of these cameras, they are merely tools towards serving your needs as a filmmaker. Shooting a no-budget that takes place mostly at night? The Canon 5D might be perfect. Shooting a budgeted short that (you hope) will be shown in theatres? The RED MX might be a better choice. Shooting a Hollywood film for 100 million? Probably shooting on 35mm.
Hollywood Bound And Down: Shooting with the 5D

FilmFellas Cast 7: Documentaries “Masters of Non-Fiction”
A Webisodic series about video making, this episode deals with documentary making and discusses whether you can really know that you're presenting an accurate view of history.
Steve Weiss of Zacuto interviews Ondi Timoner, Sean Dunne and David Grubin.
Zacuto: FilmFellas Cast 7

Why Stereoscopic Editing Is Virtually Non-Existent
An article - mostly an interview with Lawrence Windley from AVID - about how difficult it is to edit in 3D, and suggesting that everything is still being nailed down.
HD Magazine: Why Stereoscopic Editing Is Virtually Non-Existent

Gale Tattersal with Redrock Rigs
Redrock has posted pictures of Gale Tattersal, DP of "House MD" with the Canon 5D MKII and Redrock Micro cinema rigs used in filming of House MD.
Flickr: Gale Tattersal - DP "House MD" with Redrock Rigs

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