Monday, June 07, 2010

Hours to go...

Today's the BIG day; at 1pm EDT Steve Jobs will stroll out onto the stage at the annual World Wide Developers Conference and announce....

Well, we're not too sure what; it will probably be a new iPhone. But there could also be a new version of Safari, or a new Mac Mini with HDMI. The latter seems doubtful; rolling out a new Mac Mini seems unlikely unless it had some entirely new feature that fit in with another product announcement, something like a new AppleTV, or even a new multi-touch trackpad perhaps?

But I guess I'm most interested in the new iPhone, as it's starting to feel like it's time to update my iPhone 3G....[hmm, so these things are only good for two years?!]

I want to capture video with my iPhone! No matter how poor it is. That's what I'm most interested in, for though there are some hacks for capturing video on the 3G, it's not great. I'm looking for at least mediocre. An iPhone with 720p video... now that would be nice! But am I hoping for too much? Probably.

And though it was only just reported today, that trackpad thing looks interesting; can you say "Control Surface?" Admittedly, I've worked with tablets before, and it's not quite the same as being able to touch the interface on the screen the way you can on the iPad.

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