Sunday, June 06, 2010

Feel the sarcasm

JAG35 makes/sells a collection of budget-priced accessories for the video shooter, but they also run a blog where they have video interviews with industry personalities. Seems though, this has put them in conflict with some very high-end "competitors," as they tweeted from the Cine Gear Expo yesterday:

RED turned us down for an interview, said because we are competing manufacturers. What! Really?
jag35,[+] Sat 05 Jun 22:24 via Twitter for iPhone

Guess we won't be making products for RED cameras
jag35,[+] Sat 05 Jun 22:36 via Twitter for iPhone

I think I just became a #canon Fanboy
jag35,[+] Sat 05 Jun 22:40 via Twitter for iPhone

If u think bout it, they had a non working epic there, I....can machine a non working too, so I guess I could compete
jag35,[+] Sat 05 Jun 22:48 via Twitter for iPhone

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