Monday, June 07, 2010

iMovie for the iPad?

iMovie for the iPhone looks cool; particularly with the 720p video capabilities of the upcoming iPhone 4.  But will it work on the iPad? I'm assuming you'll be able to install it on the iPad; but maybe that's a big assumption?

Hmmm...editing video on the iPad; suddenly I'm salivating.

Apple: Features>iMovie

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Chris said...

I was wondering the same thing, since the iPad won't let you capture movies, you can use either mobileme or syncing with a computer to take the video to the iPad. Since apple claims there are only a few apps left that DON'T work on the iPad, I am sure they will not develop an app that can only be used on the iphone. I would also venture to guess that they will make an iPad version of iMovie that will have more features, and likely cost more $$$ too.

I think between the new iphone and the ipad that you could create new content in a way people didn't consider-- that everyone assumed this the iPad was a consumer product. I think that they held back features of cameras and such so they can both market a newer product later, as well as make sure they don't put out more features than they can support.. once they perfect the current product THEN they can try to add more to it, while the iPhone has been out longer and they don't need to worry so much about bugs..

My main concern is that the iphone is still going to be locked into just AT&T, and that they built it so it CAN be unlocked later, or for more money.. but I do NOT want to be with AT&T anymore under any circumstances. I may still get the phone, but not the service if it is tied to THEM.