Monday, June 07, 2010

Could Canon change the video compressor used in their future DSLRs?

On the face of it, the question is ridiculous! Of course, they will; no one would expect that five years from now the cameras will be using the same compression technology they are using today. Just look at how much change there has been over the last five years.

Yet, this interview Cinema5D conducted with Canon's Tim Smith - which starts with talk about the new Canon XF300/305 video cameras - seems to come close to hinting that Canon is already looking at changing the compression technology in future DLSRs:
"But going forward, if we're in the business of creating our own codecs, we can give you and deliver much more image quality out of what the chips are that are on there now. So there's a lot of great possibilities coming, but you know, it's a big ship, we move slow."
Canon 5D Mark III anyone?

Cinema5D: Cinema5D Interview With Tim Smith Cine Gear Expo 2010.

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