Thursday, November 10, 2011

Redrock microRemote update

Everyone has been waiting a long while for Redrock to ship their microRemote follow-focus system, but they've just sent out an update that suggests they are closer to shipping:

The microRemote is Alive and Well and (Almost) Ready to Rock
This is an update on the Redrock Micro microRemote system. We know you have been patiently waiting and wondering the status of the microRemote. Since our last update, we have been working tirelessly to perfect the microRemote performance and features while maintaining its extraordinary affordability. Now, we have some breakthrough news to share with you.

How Far We've Come
First, a little background. As you may know, the microRemote has already been demonstrated and used at many events to rave reviews. Users have reported microRemote performance is on par or better than their own current wireless focusing systems costing 10 TIMES the microRemote. Everyone loves the revolutionary iPhone/iPod Touch interface, a groundbreaking advance that not only displays focus information, but helps you better understand and learn focus. A real-time view of available depth of field, actual distance to subject (from the microTape), and where the remote is currently focused makes focusing simple and intuitive to novices and pros alike. DV Magazine recognized the truly innovative nature of the microRemote with the Black Diamond Award for Best of Show at NAB. There is simply nothing else like it anywhere at any price.

But we weren't finished. While we were pleased with progress on all the components of the microRemote for performance, functionality, and revolutionary price, the missing piece of the puzzle was affordable, high performance motors.

Until now.

Redrock Torque Motors Have Arrived
Introducing the Redrock Torque motors: no-compromise strength, ultra-compact design, and amazingly priced. These motors deliver the power needed to move cinema lenses, and the finesse required to focus still lenses. The Torque motors are amazingly compact and give you the freedom to place motors in more places, on more rigs and with more cameras than ever before. The microRemote system maintains compatibility with Heden digital motors for those that have already purchased Heden or want to stay with that brand. Heden are fantastic motors and we love working with them. Between the Redrock Torque and Heden, you have two great choices for your microRemote motors.

microTape Rangefinder Now Shipping [NOTE: The site currently lists shipping in 15 business days]
We aren't quite ready to announce the full microRemote system availability and final pricing, but we assure you it's not far off, and the price will astound you. In addition to the great news about Torque motors, we are also announcing immediate availability of the microTape real-time rangefinder. The microTape is fantastic as a standalone accessory to help camera operators, ACs, and steadicam operators better judge subject distance, and also works seamlessly with the microRemote once it's available. More information is available at

Updated details can be found on our microRemote page at These details plus updates can be found on our microRemote facebook page , and we recommend "liking" the page to keep up to date.

Thanks - that's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates on as we move closer to shipping the incredible microRemote system.

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