Sunday, November 06, 2011

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An In-Depth Tutorial for Using a Light Meter to Find Your Camera's Exposure Latitude | Angelo Lorenzo | No Film School
Yesterday I was playing with a Canon EF lens on the Sony NEX-VG20 using an EF-to-NEX mount adapter; no more fully automatic mode for me! So maybe it's time to buy a lightmeter and figure out how to do exposure properly...this article explains how to:
Don’t know your camera’s limitations? Experimenting with a new in-camera gamma curve or picture style? Renting a camera you haven’t used before? You’ll want to run this test to see where you stand with exposure latitude.

Canon 4K mirrorless DSLR available within 12 months | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Now that Canon has announced the C3000, it's time to speculate about the next camera:
I also think that this full frame DSLR with be mirrorless. In order to work with PL mount lenses, a DSLR cannot have a mirror in between the mount and the sensor. Also in a cinema orientated DSLR an optical viewfinder is totally useless for motion. Removing the mirrorbox would be totally necessary, and Canon have already pictured the DSLR with a PL cinema lens attached.

On Set Data Management with the EOS C300 | Jem Schofield | Canon
Tech articles about the Canon C300; something to wet your curiosity until the camera is shipped!
This article will focus on the benefits of using Canon's 50Mbps 4:2:2 Constant Bit Rate (CBR), XF Codec and how you can work effectively with the codec using the EOS C300's CF card based system in production environments. While the EOS C300 is capable of recording at lower bit rates and resolutions, this article is about getting the most out of your camera when recording directly to the widely available, cost-effective and production proven media, CF cards.

Understanding the EOS C300's Canon Log Gamma | Jem Schofield | Canon
With the C300, Canon has given filmmakers and cinematographers an affordable Super 35mm based digital cinema camera that contains wide latitude and high dynamic range without the need for dramatic workflow changes. To achieve this, Canon's C300 combines their brand new Canon Log Gamma along with a number of innovations such as their new 35mm CMOS sensor, the DIGIC DV III processor and Canon's XF Codec, to produce images that are ready for the rigors of today's post-production workflows.

Canon C300 16000 ISO With Canon 14.5-60mm PL Zoom Lens Test Footage | Jared Abrams | WideOpenCamera
Some footage shot with the C300:
I managed to bootleg a little more footage. This time I used one of the Canon C300 cameras with the new Canon 14.5-60mm PL Zoom lens. This was a little test area Canon had set up in the Hollywood Expo area.

Shape Composite Stabilizer - Assembly and Overview | Preston Kanak | Vimeo
Preston does a video review of the Shape Composite Stabilizer, a stabilizer for DSLR or video cameras.

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