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Canon C300 and RED Scarlet-X latest news: Part II

RED Announces New Scarlet X 5K Camera and Pricing | Daniel Bruns | VideoMaker
A look at the Scarlet announcement:
The more serious issue is that the camera only films at a maximum 6 fps in 5K mode, effectively making that resolution worthless for video (though useful for still photography). Even so, it does include the ability to shoot at 23.98 fps in 4K which should make many professionals happy and even at 120 fps when shooting at only 1K.

Did Canon Just Steal the Future of Filmmaking? | Louis Bedigian | Forbes
Some people - especially RED fans - take issue with this article about Canon and RED's announcements. Interestingly, it also talks about Sony too (though I'm not sure I agree with those conculsions either):
Sony had a stellar opportunity here to step in with a lower-cost model and take control of the market, but it completely missed the boat. The company has been taking losses in nearly every division. If RED holds onto its market position, and if Canon takes another chunk of the market, where will that leave Sony? Right now, the cheapest professional, high-def camera that Sony makes retails for nearly $17,000.

Filmmakers Dilemma: Canon C300 or RED Scarlet | Clinton Stark | StarkInsider
A few thoughts on the announcements from someone that admit's he's still mastering his Canon 60D and T2i. Includes some interesting comments from around the web:
“I’ve worked with a ton of middle-to-big commercial productions shooting DSLRs and I will assure you none of them are going to jump on this $20k camera any time soon. For that kind of money you might as well go Red but then again, that kind of money is hard to come by even for what you would think of as high budget productions.”

More Info And First Impressions: Canon’s New C300 Pro Cinema Camera
| Devin Doldeway | TechCrunch
This was posted just after the release, but I failed to include it in the links then:
The most obvious thing about the new camera is how compact and handling-friendly it is. I sought out the most minimal setup, which is pictured above and (except for the lens) the default package for purchasing the C300. It was quite light and well-balanced, and the controls felt convenient for thumb or off-hand operation.

podcast #60 - Erik Allin on the Canon EOS C300 | planetMitch | Vimeo
Interview with Erik Allin - a Canon Marketing Supervisor just after the Canon EOS C300 announcement. There's some questions about the future DSLR:
"They gave me a list of anticipated Q&A questions, and most of the answers were "We cannot say..."

Canon Tackles Pro Filmmaking With $20,000 EOS C300 | Jim Fisher | PCMag
PCMag's report on the Canon announcements:
Even though the C300 is compatible with existing Canon SLR lenses, these are not always ideal for use in cinematography. Canon has announced five dedicated lenses for the Cinema EOS system, all available in an EF mount. Two of the lenses are zooms, the CN-E14.5-60mm T2.6 L S and the CNE30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L S, covering wide and telephoto ranges alike. The lenses are designed to outlast the camera, as they are each rated for use in 4K productions. In addition to the EF mount, the zoom lenses will also be made available in PL mount versions.

Sample Movie | Canon
Four movie's shot with the C300, as well as behind-the-scenes: Max Is Back, XXII, Sword and Mobius.

Canon Cinema EOS C300 launch | Service. Support. Education | Casey Warren | MINDCASTLE | Vimeo
This is really an advertisement for the Canon Professional Services unit Canon is opening in Hollywood:
Canon asked us to create a cinematic piece that highlights the new professional level service/support/education that will accompany the launch of the Cinema EOS product line.

This video premiered at the Hollywood CINEMA EOS C300 launch event on Nov. 3rd.

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