Monday, November 07, 2011

Buying Software Online: Part II

Last week I reported on buying the Adobe Production Premium Suite, and how I had gone for delivery on DVD rather than downloading. see: Buying Software Online.

Funny thing happened.

The discs arrived [ahead of time too!] and I went to install them and the MacBook Pro wouldn't read the discs: it just spit them straight out. Spat out the second disc from the set too. I tried a different disc just to be sure it wasn't the drive, and that disc loaded fine, so either the discs are faulty, or this drive doesn't like those discs. I will have to try them in another computer when I can.

In the mean time; what to do? Well, I downloaded the trial version of the entire Suite from Adobe's website, put in the serial number from the box when it asked whether I wanted to run in trial mode, and everything went fine!

Seems I didn't need those discs after all!

Note: The download file was just under 9GB. The download took a little over two hours. I don't know how much space the install took. The box said you needed 20GB for the software, however it also said that you needed more than that during installation from the discs.

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GreenGenes said...

I've seen enough "SuperDrives" get flakey over the years (sometimes cured by compressed air if it's dust) that I think with fast internet access, software download seems to be more reliable.