Wednesday, November 09, 2011

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Adobe to lay off 750 workers, restructure around digital media, marketing
| Christopher Trout | Engadget
Just last week Avid did some restructuring and laid off some workers, and now it seems Adobe is sailing through some troubled waters too. Maybe I'll have to switch to Final Cut Pro X after all!
According to one of the two press releases, the master of Flash plans to continue offering the Creative Suite as well as expanding "tablet-based touch apps" and cloud-based software.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro | Richard Harrington | Blog
In this video Richard Harrington covers customizing your keyboard in Premiere Pro CS5.5.

Low Light FS-100 | Brasil Filmes | Vimeo
Shot with the Sony NEX-FS100 using Canon 50mm 1.4 [$379], Canon 16-35mm 2.8 [$1,659] and Sigma 10mm 2.8 [$649]

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt SSD review | Michael Gorman | Engadget
It's taken longer than expected, and they may be more expensive than we'd hoped, but Thunderbolt devices seem to finally be close to shipping, and they do seem to offer the performance that was promised. Engadget got to review the LaCie 240GB Little Big Disk [$899.95]. Projected shipping is January:
Those speeds translated to a 200MB file being transferred in 2.5 seconds, a 1GB file in 12 seconds, a 5GB file in 57 seconds and a 10GB file in just under two minutes. We also backed up 89GB worth of data using using Time Machine in 23 minutes and 22 seconds, and created a bootable backup using the included Intego software in 38 minutes and five seconds at an average speed of 41.8 MB/sec.
While they note that LaCie is pitching this $900 beast to audio and video pros, Engadget dismisses it as too expensive for backup for consumers [Duh - Ed].

Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business | DPReview
Kodak sells it's Image Sensor business. The end of Kodak? The end of film?
While the financial details were not disclosed, Kodak will have continuing access to the image sensor technology involved in this transaction for use in its own products. Kodak has previously communicated that it would sell assets that are not central to its transformation to a profitable, sustainable digital company. This sale is aligned with that strategy to generate cash to complete the transformation.

Canon C300 and RED Scarlet X News

Canon C300 “Organic” Noise | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent talks about the noise patterns produced by the Canon C300 sensor:
While digital sensors are slowly closing the gap with film in terms of dynamic range – most don’t have the same granular structural beauty that film offers. It seems that too is changing.

The RC #100 C300 with Dir. Laforet & RED ScarletX | audio podcast | FXGuide
Discussion of the Canon C300 and RED Scarlet X, includes an interview with Vincent Laforet:
"I'll be very honest, and very blunt, and say that when I first saw the camera I thought it was one of the ugliest things I'd ever seen, and when I read the specs, I was completely unimpressed. I was like "Oh God, here we go, what kind of magic are we going to have to pull with this?" And it wasn't until the second or third shot on set, during that first day of shooting, that I went up the camera rep and said "You know what, this pretty unbelievable."

Canon’s new EOS C300 digital cinema line - competition for Red or Sony?
| Mike Curtis | ProVideoCoalition
Mike from HD for Indies wrote up this look at both cameras back when they were announced:
Canon breaks no new technological ground with the specs on this camera, nor do they keep up with other players on the field - there’s no RAW recording, no full res stills recording, no 4:4:4, no 1080p60, no OMG awesome new tech.

Canon's Larry Thorpe on the C300's design and origins - Audio | HD Magazine
An audio interview with Canon's Larry Thorpe:
We caught up with Canon's Larry Thorpe at last week's C300 launch and he explained to us the design of the new sensor and how the camera was born from the requests of the industry and designed by both the EOS and professional camcorder departments of Canon in Japan.

New Wooden Camera RED EPIC Accessories Available Now | Cinescopophilia
Ignore the posturing in the first paragraph and jump to the details of these accessories for the EPIC and Scarlet X. [And I don't think they are made of wood - Ed]
Do even a just a small amount of research and you can find guys like Wooden Camera that do great RED accessories for the EPIC and Scarlet X + DSLR cameras at very cost effective prices.

ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for Canon C300 | ARRIChannel | YouTube
In this video Arri shows their accessories with the Canon C300.

RED Scarlet X and EOS C300 Shoot Out | Film Cast Entertainment
Not really a shoot-out so much as a review of the history of the two companies, and a look at the specs of the two cameras:
Filmmaking after all, is about telling a story, not about how many pixels or megabits I have on my blender, and both cameras deliver a fine picture to hold any storyline. So, today all cinematographers can enjoy more top rated accessible working tools to choose from at a very low price point for whatever we decide to shoot.

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