Friday, November 11, 2011

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5D Mark II Firmware 2.1.1 Sighting | CanonRumors
A link appears on Canon USA site, but it's not live...yet.

Confirmed, Panasonic bringing 25p to the GH2 | Andrew Reid | Tumblr
And a firmware update for the Panasonic GH2 is expected in December:
I contacted a source at Panasonic about what the ‘new video mode’ is on the official GH2 firmware update that is coming in December. It is a 24Mbit 1080/25p output stored in a AVCHD 50i wrapper, meaning you can finally extract a clean high bitrate 25p (progressive) feed from the camera for PAL broadcast work.

ARRI Alexa Now Has in Camera Support for Avid DNxHD Codec | Cinescopophilia
An update for the Arri Alexa:
The ability to record native Avid DNxHD, as MXF files in-camera, creates a unique proposition for the 35 mm digital capture industry and is another first for the ALEXA camera system.

Autumn Trail - Shooting for Fun | Jon Palfrey | Blog
A short video shot with a Glidetrack slider, with an interesting shot at 1:10:
This is actually one of the best shots I feel I've ever done, its something just a bit more creative than any of the other shots, I did it by pointing the camera on a Glidetrack and tripod straight up, because of the Glidetrack I could offset the camera so that when it rotated it was actually going around the centre point rather than staying on it.

On-Set Footage, 'J. Edgar' | Making Of
Behind-the-Scenes footage from the new Clint Eastwood movie. There's no commentary, and some really annoying fades to black .. between .. every .. shot. Undescores how boring behind-the-scenes videos can be.

ONSIGHT OS 3D Plugin Download | Onsight
A free plug-in for Final Cut Pro designed to simplify the process of preparing and editing with 3D files:
Our post production facilities manage a large amount of S3D rushes and have tried a number of approaches in dealing and managing files in a user friendly manner. OS 3D provides users with a intuitive way of working in 3D, be it with discrete left and right eye files or side by side, it allows you to make stereoscopic corrections and decisions during the editorial process.

Review: Joby’s portable GorillaPods are great for steady shots on the go
| Lauren Crabbe | Macworld
A review of those bendy tripods. The GorillaPod Hybrid [$39.95] (reviewed) and the SLR-Zoom GorillaPod [$58.95] (not reviewed) are the one's you'll find most useful for small video cameras and SLRs.

Twentysomething | johnbrawley | Blog
How an Australian television show was shot using DSLRs.
The footage was edited together then graded at deluxe by Amanda Short. We were all surprised at how close the 1D came to the RED in terms of dynamic range and grade-ability. Josh and Jess certainly liked the idea that we could be a little more discreet. We discovered another reason to consider shooting with a DSLR. It would mean we could afford to shoot with two cameras.
[via: cinescopophilia]

Big trouble in Tokyo | The Economist
Very weird financial goings-on at Olympus.
He says Olympus’s underlying operations, especially its medical-devices business, remain sound. But he believes that the company’s very survival is threatened by the ongoing uncertainty as to what has happened to its accounts.

EditShare Presents From The Cutting Room: Tariq Anwar - The King's Speech | The Straight Cut
Highlights from a talk given by editor Tariq Anwar about editing the award winning film "The King's Speech."

Read What the Media and Beta Testers Have to Say About Avid Media Composer 6
| Avid
Collection of comments about the latest Avid release:
All in all I am very pleased with the current release. It might not have all the WHIZ BANG POW that people might have been expecting with the 64-bit architecture, but it does pack a punch. I was very pleased with the performance on the timeline when scrolling through footage, and when the system was able to keep pace with my keystrokes, no matter how fast I went, how many bins I had open and how big my timeline was. I like the fact that the UI has an updated look, but didn’t change where the buttons are, and didn’t change the editing workflow.

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