Thursday, November 10, 2011

FInal Cut Pro X News

Organizing Media in the Event Library | Connor Crosby | Final Cut Whiz
Customizing the appearance of the Event Library and organizing media in Smart and Keyword Collections:
Keyword Collections are – you guessed it – collections made from keywords. To create Keyword Collections, simply click on the key icon (found between the Event Library and Timeline). Now select a clip you want to apply a keyword and type it in the text box on the popup window. Final Cut Pro X allows you to create shortcuts for keywords by typing words next to the short keys (look at image below).

Using Roles to Manage Complex Projects | Larry Jordan | Blog
On a related note, this post is from last month, but I think I missed it. Larry explains the role of 'roles' in FCPX:
These are a new kind of labels which allow us to flag clips by type. Roles can help us in two significant ways: tracking and managing clips during the edit and exporting just the clips we need.
This article talks about the first option, I’ll write about the second in a second article.

Improving FCP X Nov | Oliver Peters | digitalfilms
Oliver put together a list of features he thinks Final Cut Pro X needs to make it appeal to pros:
1. Make audio trimming and transitions as easy as and comparable to video trimming. Currently audio seems to take a back seat to video editing when it comes to trims and transitions.

Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X | Mark Spencer, Steve Martin | PixelCorps
An quick intro to color grading in Final Cut Pro X, and a trick to get Color Wheels in Final Cut Pro X by adding a color picker filter. This is also on YouTube: MacBreak Studio: Episode 141 - Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X

TKY Free FCPX Security Camera Effect | Simon Ubsdell | FCP.Co
Simon has posted a simulation of a security cam, with controls for:
Brightness, contrast, blur and noise;
Waviness, roll, static, color sync, saturation;
Scan line brightness, percentage and number of lines;
Tint color and intensity;
Fisheye radius and amount;
Vignette opacity.

Digital Heaven update DH BoxX and DH ReincarnationX for FCPX | FCP.Co
Digital Heaven have upgraded two of their filters; DH BoxX for custom resizing and cropping, and DH ReincarnationX that fixes dead pixels.

Background Rendering in FCPX | Connor Crosby | Final Cut Whiz
How background rendering works, and can be configured in FCPX:
..background rendering isn’t really rendering-while-you-edit. It’s more like render-when-you-aren’t-playing-a-clip. So, if you’re watching a clip or selecting in and out points, FCPX won’t render. You can tell Final Cut how long to wait after you become “inactive” by adjusting the amount of seconds next to “Start after”. It’s set to 5 seconds by default.

Exclusive Interview: Walter Murch talks about Final Cut Pro X (part 1) | MacVideo
An interview with Walter recorded on the day of the Boston SuperMeet talk. He opens with the observation that everything he's edited in the past four years was acquired digitally, not shot on film.
I think Apple with Final Cut X has tapped not only into that completely digital world, but are looking down the decade to a world that we get occasional glimpses of.

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