Monday, September 26, 2011

Video Editing News

Final Cut Pro

A quick note on the Final Cut Pro X XML | Digital Rebellion
An explanation of why you can't take Final Cut Studio XML into Final Cut Pro X, and vice versa:
So the two formats are completely different and there is no way to directly import FCP 7 XMEML into Final Cut Pro X or vice versa. Apple seems to be leaving this up to third-parties. DaVinci Resolve supports FCPXML and XMEML so it may be possible to convert one to the other (I haven't tested this). Some features will not translate back and forth because they don't exist in the other application.

Announcing Project X₂7 | Philip Hodgetts | Blog
Philip gives the details on a new app for processing XML from Final Cut Pro X and passing it to Final Cut Pro 7. The app was previewed at LAFCPUG's DV Expo meeting.
We still have a little work to do, but right now we support most features: connected clips, primary storyline, transitions (currently all are replaced by a cross dissolve but we’ll do better than that before release) but any time we can’t accurately reproduce something we’ll tell you in a report.

Apple's Richard Townhill discusses the latest FCP X release | Randi Altman | Post Magazine
An extensive look at the new features in the latest release, as well as some general comments about Apple's intentions:
Apple, for its part, wants it known that they are interested in providing a tool for the pro community and feel this 10.1 release starts to do just that. “We are excited to be able to prove to the professionals that we are listening to them and they are important to us,” says Richard Townhill. “We really are committed to this marketplace, and we really want the professional customer to continue to use Final Cut Pro as they’ve always done.”

FCPX Audio Roles...a Media Stems Export test | michaschmidt | Vimeo
Sets out to answer the question: "is "Media Stems Export" a OMF replacement" and in a fairly long experiment, decides that it isn't:
In conclusion, nice way to tack your footage, your media, to solids, but no way this replaces an actual OMF export.

The post FCP world | Oliver Peters | digitalfilms
Oliver isn't really appeased by the latest update from Apple:
I do think Apple is listening to its pro customers and values them. I just don’t believe they are willing to make many (if any) concessions to users who disagree with the design direction Apple has taken.
He goes on to say - probably rightly - that the features Apple just rolled out were probably planned and even in development prior to the release of FCPX, and weren't really as a result of the complaints from Apple users. He ultimately believes that the future for power users lies not with Apple, but with Adobe or Avid.

Pro Maintenance Tools | Digital Rebellion
A series of tools for keeping Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro Mac running at optimal performance and help resolve problems when they arise:
The suite contains tools to repair corrupt QuickTime movies, locate corrupt clips within a timeline, diagnose crash logs, manage plugins, repair Final Cut Pro projects, manage autosaves, salvage movie data from corrupt files, and much more.

Final Cut Pro X Effects has been releasing a number of plug-in effects for Final Cut Pro X, including: Shaky Cam [$29], Miniaturize [$19] (a tilt-shift effect) and Poor Man's Light Effect Plugin [$19]. They are offering a $9 discount on the purchase of two effects.

Poor Man’s Light Effects Review | Connor Crosby | Final Cut Whiz
Connor reviews the Poor Man's Light Effect: did a great job with this package. There is so much in terms of customization. I’m given the tools I need to get the job done. Plus, it’s very affordable! Only $19 USD! And you can get $5 off this plugin using the code “FCW432″! Now that’s dirt-cheap!

Adobe Premiere Pro

Ask a CS Pro: Mastering the Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline Panel | Facebook
A free webinar on Friday with Richard Harrington on the Premiere Pro timeline, September 30 · 12:00pm - 1:00pm at:
The timeline panel in Adobe Premiere Pro is where the story comes together. Sure there's standard operations like Insert and Overwrite as well as the ability to Ripple and Roll. But once you dig in, you'll find much more. In this session you'll learn essential operations and advanced features like replace edit, creating custom transitions, and using Adobe Dynamic Link to exchange files with Adobe After Effects and Audition.


Adobe's 50% off Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Production Premium [$849.50 instead of $1,699] or Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 [$399.50 instead of $799] for Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer Users ends October 31st [originally September 30th!]. Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium - License

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