Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Sony offers 'adjustment' for NEX-5N camera to reduce clicking sound while recording video | Engadget
Sony is offering a fix for the NEX-5N clicking noise, though it's unclear what that fix is; it appears to involve sending the camera to Sony for repair.

November 3rd…are the planets converging?! Canon S35 camcorders! Red Scarlet goes on sale! Also Nikon bring out mirror-less cameras! | Philip Bloom
Philip adds his own details and speculations about the forthcoming Canon announcement.

New NEX system chart (in japanese) | SonyAlphaRumors
A chart that graphically shows the NEX still cameras and there accessories.

An interesting comment about chip resolution and processing | EOSHD
4K and 5K video has become the next big thing; there's some speculation that Canon's new video camera might even support 4K. Yet it's easy to forget that digital cameras have been routinely including sensors with much higher resolution for some time now. It's the processing out of the sensor that needs to be upgraded to support that resolution, as a commenter in a post at EOSHD about the new Nikon camera's notes.

Robert Rodriguez on SPY KIDS 4 | ARRI
On the ARRI website, a very short interview with director Robert Rodriguez on why he's shooting with the ARRI ALEXA:
We gave all the other cameras their day in court at Troublemaker Studios. ARRI was the clear winner in image quality, detail and dynamic range. And its images just looked better.

Adobe eBook Deal of the Week

This week's Adobe eBook Deal of the Week is:

Motion Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Studio Techniques
By Richard Harrington, Ian Robinson
To get the deal, you go to the deal page and the click on the buy link: eBook Deal of the Week. (You'll have to create an account to download it.) The eBook is provided in non-protected PDF, though your name is stamped on each page.

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