Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Tools of the Trade Part 1 | Clinton Harn | Zacuto
Zacuto posts the second article on sound by Clinton Harn. This is the first of what is promised to be two parts on tools:
I’ve devised a method utilizing acronyms that will help you better understand sound and make appropriate choices in equipment selection. I encourage the use of these words as a reference for ongoing technical and artistic sound making as well as purchasing decisions. The system is separated into 3 stages:

The Nature of Acoustics Stage 1:RAD: Reflection, Absorption & Diffusion
The Recording Stage 2 (Golden Rules):PICSS: Proximity, Isolation, Consistency, Sensitivity & Separation
Captured Sounds Stage 3:STAT: Sound Transparency & Audio Translation

One Day, 197 Set ups, 12 Shooters & 9 Navy SEALs to bring Jeep COD (Call of Duty) Ride Experience to Life | Shane Hurlbut | Hurlblog
Shane writes about a fairly complicated, and intense, shoot:
Operator Andrew LaBoy loaded 8 contour cams in the Jeeps to get the participants’ reactions to the experience. Cinematography interns Derek Johnson and Danny Garcia and Kevin Anderson were driver over 5D cams, OTS of bad guys & Rangers. Matt Short came in and got into the middle of the Warlord firefight. Nick Rios, one of our Twitter followers, came all the way from Houston to help us out. He slammed on long lenses and grabbed tight coverage of wheels, etc. Jalal Pashandi was inside the Jeep to capture the rider’s POV.

MacVideo Expo, London
If you're in London, the MacVideo Expo will be held on October 18, 2011

MacBreak Studio Live - September 22nd, 2011 | YouTube
Didn't get enough info on the Final Cut Pro X update? Here's an hour and a half video with Alex Lindsay, Mark Spencer, and Steve Martin discussing the new features in the update to Final Cut Pro X.

Plastic Bullet | Red Giant Software | iTunes
Okay, this isn't a video app; but it is fun. I have had Plastic Bullet on my iPhone for months, and for a while I was using it on practically every picture I took! And now it's available as a Mac app, and that's cool, because a couple of times I have actually emailed a photo taken with another camera to the iPhone just to run it through Plastic Bullet.
The real trick is not to over use it...

Cooke Panchros Price Increase | Jon Fauer | Film & Digital Times
Not that I could afford one, but the prices of Cooke Panchro lenses [i.e. 32mm Prime Lens $7,400] are evidenty going up at the end of the month.

D|Focus v3 Review | Remsy Atassi | Vimeo
A video review of the budget D|Focus follow-focus.
Pretty good construction, although it is definitely made of plastic so you better be careful. Very little play, and overall, there's a lot of control, very easy for getting in and out. You will need a rail mount system, or you can buy the D|Mount.

Sachtler Ace | B & H
You can now pre-order the Sachtler Ace tripod at B & H (delivery date unknown, probably a month or so - at the announcement the ship date in the US was quoted as November 14th?) It's available in two models; with a mid-level spreader or an on-ground spreader for $535.00

Philip Bloom got to play with one before it was released and posted this preview: IBC 2011: Review of the new Sachtler ACE tripod for DSLRs and Daniel Freytag also got to play with one, and has posted a short review: Sachtler Ace - The new tripod series for DSLR users.

Sachtler: Ace Produce Page
Sachtler: Ace Technical Specifications

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