Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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What Adobe Should Do With IRIDAS SpeedGrade | Stu Maschwitz | prolost
Stu offers his thoughts on what he thinks Adobe should do with the new color software they bought. Noting that he's both a user, and a competitor (designer of Colorista) and noting that IRIDAS has a uniquely weird user interface, he also thinks that Apple sort of had it right when they integrated Color into FCPX, even if they did it the wrong way:
This is important, so I’ll say it another way: Apple screwed up by making the FCP X “Color Board” less industry-standard (I mean sure, dream up a better way—but it has to actually be better), but their decision to make color controls part of the settings inherent to any clip in the timeline is spot-on.

inqScribe - review | NotesOnVideo
Looking for a tool to help transcribe or caption video? InqScribe is pretty good and available for Mac and PC. I posted a review yesterday.

Kodak Vision 3 vs Canon 7D w/CineStyle ad hoc test | Alex Walker | Vimeo
"While prepping for a short film shoot with the cinematographer, Michael Street, I shot some comparisions with the 7D. This test was completely on the fly. No tripod for the 7D and the lenses don't match. Street over saw the telecine to ProRes 444 and I graded the 7D material to match."

Constructive Advice For Crowd Funding Your Next Movie | Stacey Parks
| Independent Film Blog
Five points of advice for anyone doing a Kickstarter or other crowd-funding campaign:
1. The money’s in the list – this is a big one and I tell my clients this all the time… do not attempt to do a crowd funding campaign without a ‘legal’ email list. What do I mean by legal? I mean when you do your crowd funding campaign you don’t want to spam everyone in your hotmail address book. Instead you should be emailing your fans and supporters via a 3rd party email database like Aweber, Constant Contact, or Mail Chimp (I personally use Aweber), where users have ‘opted in’ to receive messages from you and where they can safely unsubscribe at any time should they wish to stop receiving email messages from you.

7 Lessons Koo Taught Us for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign | Ron Dawson
| Dare Dreamer Mag
And here's another 7 tips based on Koo of NoFilmSchool's recent success in raising $125,000 vie Kickstarter:
Social Networks Work. Koo has spent the past 18+ months building a huge following on his blog. He reported that 50,000 people have downloaded his free ebook about DSLR filmmaking, which you get when you subscribe to his newsletter, so it’s safe to assume he sas about that many members on his email list. He used the power of that list, his Twitter following, and working the social networks to get the word out. I think it’s safe to say his hard work in building his social network following really paid off.

IBC 2011: IKONOSKOP – the 16mm digital cinema camera – 7700€ | Cinema 5D
Interview with Peter Gustafsson from ikonoskop, about the Ikonoskop DII which records uncompressed RAW 12bit at up to 30fps and has numerous lens mounting options including Canon EF, FD, C-mount, PL mount, Leica, f-mount, and 16mm film lenses.

October 26 Event? | CanonRumors
Canon is holding a video camera related event - everyone is assuming that's what it is - on November 5th, but now comes an announcement about an event on October 26th, and it has the PIXMA and EOS logos at the bottom. Could it be DSLR related, or is it just a printer announcement?

‘Toy Story 3’ Director Lee Unkrich Starts Work On New Pixar Movie & Will Blog About It | The Playlist
Each day, director Lee Unkrich says he will be documenting his progress on his Tumblr page, though yesterday it looks like all he accomplished was lunch...

Tales from the 3D Road: The Naadam Festival of Mongolia | Al Caudullo | 3D Roundabout
A diary of shooting in 3D in Mongolia, primarily using the Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D camera. There's an interesting side-note about shooting with the GoPro camera:
The GoPro provided the only challenge. While the ‘cool’ factor was good, the quality of the camera is not really what is advertised or what I have seen in the test footage. Of course, shooting a ten-year-old riding bareback on a horse at full run is a lot to ask of the camera. While the format says .mp4, it is really .mov in an .mp4 wrapper which did not make for the smoothest playback, even though it was set for 720/60p. Ultimately, I had to transcode to real .mp4 and slow it down drastically in order to use it.

Non-video News

Engadget live at Amazon's tablet event in NYC! 10am EDT | Engadget
Amazon is expected to announce an Android based tablet of some kind today.

An interesting iPad/iPhone dock: JVC UXVJ38[Amazon] | JVC
Not exactly video related, but this iPad/iPod dock from JVC looks interesting. It lets you attach both devices at the same time and looks rather nice (guess I'll have to see it in person though!) List price is $199.99, and Amazon has it for ~$168.
Of course, it you want to type - not just play music - you could get the iLuv Workstation: iLuv unveils WorkStation docks, turns your iPad 2 / Galaxy Tab into a PC, sort of | Engadget

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