Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Finally! The looming EF Mount Adapter Wars – Birger, MTF, Redrock | Nino Leitner | Nino Film
A look at the current - actually, the near future, as most of these are still not shipping - options for using Canon EF mount lenses on non-EF mount cameras like the Sony NEX-FS100 and Panasonic AG-AF100.

Unfortunately, much of this is speculation until the Birger and MTF products ship! Birger Engineering yesterday tweeted:
Birger adapter EF lenses on Sony PMW-F3 ships next week. More details in dealer package out late this week. No cables!
Birger Engineering mount for PMW-F3

Sony PMW-F3 Firmware | Peter Crithary | Twitter
Peter Crithary , Marketing Manager for Super 35mm acquisition at Sony US has tweeted:
NEW firmware #PMWF3 coming soon, FREE update v1.20 enables #CINE S-Log-EI mode, easy stepping through assigned EI values & more

EI is Exposure Index values, new v1.20 free firmware updates requires #SLOG optional purchase to work for this specific feature

Get Media Composer for Just $995 | Avid
Don't forget that Avid's discount cross-grade offer for Final Cut Pro users to switch to Media Composer ends September 30th (after which there will be an on-going cross-grade offer of $1499.)

Plexus | AEScripts
Version 1.4 of this 3D Particle System Plugin for Adobe After Effects renders faster, has a streamlined UI and includes multiple bug fixes.

Zacuto EVF Firmware Update | Zacuto
It's not available yet, and they aren't saying what changes are coming, but Zacuto has been tweeting today that another firmware update for the Zactuo EVF is coming soon.

US Consumers Prefer 3D TV over 2D, HD TV Reveals Panasonic Study | Ravi Mandalia | ITProPortal
Startling results from a study conducted for Panasonic:
The study claims that an overwhelming majority of the participants believed that 3DTVs were capable of enhancing their TV viewing experience significantly.

It further stated that 99 percent of the participant in the survey acknowledged that 3DTVs were “somehow better” than standard 2D and High Definition TVs.
Except over at ubergizmo, more details reveal that:
The survey was done face-to-face with over 500 attendees at Disney’s D23 Expo that was held in Anaheim in August this year.
It sounds like the survey sample may suffer from self-selection bias.
ubergizmo: Majority of consumers say 3D TV is better than regular TV

Biz crosses blurry line on 'true 3D' | David S. Cohen | Variety
I keep reading things about how the "after-the-fact" 3D isn't as good as stuff shot in 3D, but this article seems to be a defense of fixing things in post:
Bay encountered troublesome technical issues with 3D capture on "Dark of the Moon": misalignment, reflections on the lenses, cameras getting out of sync.

"Sometimes the image is broken and you've got to fix it -- and sometimes it's not fixable, so you have to have conversion companies," said Bay. "It's a must. You can't keep it all native."

Buckle up: Traditional TV is in for a heck of a ride | Habib Kairouz | Gigaom
Seems that traditional TV is facing problems too; will they suffer like the print industry has?:
A 2010 Forrester study showed that for the first time, Americans now spend as much time on the Internet as they do in front of the TV. Is it inevitable that like print media, consumers will turn to the Internet for their TV and video content and eventually drain the profits from TV’s ad-driven business model?

How to Archive Projects in Final Cut Pro X | Danny Greer |
"So, you’ve completed a project in Final Cut Pro X and need to manage it for archiving? In this post, we’ll take a look at one way to consolidate your FCPX projects so you can archive them and quickly restore them at a later time."

Sony A55 and NEX VG10 | Samy's Camera | YouTube
Short video from an event held by Samy's Camera that focused on video-capable Sony Alpha DLSRs, the large chip Sony NEX-VG10 video camera, and the NEX line of cameras.

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