Monday, September 26, 2011

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$100 Canon 5D Mark II Rebate | B & H
Last week CanonRumors reported that the price of the Canon 5D Mark II in Canada dropped to $1,999, so I was thinking there might be more than a $100 instant rebate announced by Canon, but that's all we got! The rebate is in effect until Oct 29, 2011. (And note, CanonRumors thinks this is just a regular end-of-year sale, and doesn't expect a 5D Mark III this year.)

Editing Sony NEX-5n 60p Footage in Final Cut Pro X | Eric Reagan | Photography Bay
Final Cut Pro X doesn't support the Sony NEX-5N 60p files, but Eric documents some workarounds:
I’ve already covered how to import AVCHD files into Final Cut Pro X; however, working with AVCHD 2.0 files at 60p requires another step to get the footage into FCP X. Still yet, it’s no so bad.

New GlenColor Picture Profiles for the Sony FS100 | Frank Glancairn | Blog
Originally posted last month, Frank has updated the picture profiles he's using with the NEX-FS100:
After more testing I removed the highlight protection, since it often produces ugly results, when you don´t have controlled light.
I also provide basic black levels now, if you have time to set your variable black level per scene, I recommend to do so.

Pitching a Screenplay | Frank G. Caruso | Sony
An interview with director Frank Caruso about script pitching:
I believe we live within each other's dreams and, as an independent filmmaker, you rely heavily on people loving your dream enough to say let me help. I went and talked with each person about the screenplay and the trailer I wanted to create. From Butch's Tree Service, that had us up to 90 feet in the air, to the fire department who wet the pavement, to the Olson brothers who lent me the car, and the Historical Society that provided wardrobe, and the list goes on. Without their help, there would be no trailer.

Final Cut Pro X Bug: Application Crashes on Export | Danny Greer |
A possible fix for one problem:
Many FCPX users have reported the application crashing when attempting to export a video. The problem seems to stem from Quicktime components you may have on your system.

Why is it so hard to convert FCP 7 XML to FCP X XML? | Philip Hodgetts
I missed posting this earlier, an explanation of the differences in the flavors of XML that different apps use:
In the case of XML for editing applications, the XML represents the underlying data structures from the application. So, we have:
  • Final Cut Pro 7 XML known as xmeml
  • Final Cut Pro X XML known as fcpxml
  • Motion Project XML files are ozxmlscene
  • Premiere Pro file is XML in the PremiereData format.

Hollywood downloads a post-DVD future | Ben Fritz | Los Angeles Times
With the decline in DVD sales, Hollywood is moving to change things up in the online world, accelerating offerings, and making other changes:
One thing is certain: People who like inexpensive movie rentals are going to have to get used to waiting longer than they do now. Studios are beginning to use the Internet to slice up the market so that people who are willing to buy a movie or pay more to rent it can get it sooner.

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