Friday, July 22, 2011

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Adobe Creative Suite's Lion limitations | Jackie Dove | Macworld
Adobe posted a tech note listing incompatibilities with Lion, and now Macworld has provided a more detailed interpretation.
Meanwhile, at last nights BOSFCPUG meeting, one presenter said that if you're using Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5 you should not update to Lion just yet.
Adobe: Known Issues with Adobe products on Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Fear of Actors | Guy Ducker | Tales From The Cutting Room Floor
Noting that directors and actors often has a dysfunctional relationship, Guy offers tips on working with them:
Try to find with the actor the source of what you want, not the result – don’t tell them to be angry, let them know why they’re angry.

How to put your DSLR movie on iTunes | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Some tips on how to get your movie on iTunes:
There are two ways of putting your movie on iTunes. You can submit it to Apple iTunes Connect (as you can music and books) but there is a strict approval process. You may have a better chance in going through an aggregator. Apple themselves say that most of the independent content on iTunes comes via this route, rather than direct submittals via iTunes Connect.

Advice on Launching an Independent Career: an Open Letter to an Actor Friend | NoFilmSchool
This advice applies to filmmakers as much as it applies to actors:
Next I’d recommend Robin Schmidt’s great series here on building an online video following through YouTube. He covered how to grow an audience, cultivate relationships, and motivate YouTubers to subscribe to your channel. “Audience relations” is almost a full-time job, and it might not be something you want to do as an actor/comedian, but someone on the team has to do it. If you want to have what other people don’t, you have to be willing to do what other people won’t.

Cameras are for christmas, lenses are for life - what high-quality optics bring to budget film-making | Vincent Rice | Gizmag
Seemingly great advice; spend your money on good lenses that will last a life-time. Sounds good in theory. Of course, all good theories can come back and bite you; especially when it comes to what mount to buy or what advances camera technology might make in the future.
This article suggest that PL lenses are the way to go, though that isn't going to help you if you have a Canon 5D. The Zeiss CP .2 lenses featured though, make especially good sense because you can change the mount on the lenses (but they are $3,000 each!)

3D Cinematographer Vince Pace Reacts to Slowing 3D Sales | 3D Focus
Director of Photography Vince Pace and Co-Chairman and CEO of CAMERON | PACE Group (a 3D rig manufacturer) defends 3D:
My success through working with James Cameron has always been about complementing the 2D presentation – that is the key to success. A lot of people come in and ask what lens they should use for 3D or how they should frame something for 3D. That's the biggest mistake that people make.

Cheap Matte Box – DON’T DO IT | CheesyCam
A warning against some especially low-cost and flimsy Matte boxes that aren't even worth the low price.

5 Reasons Directors Need Editors | Christian Bell | Raindance
Why the director may not be the best person to also edit the movie:
You need someone heartless in the editing suite. Someone ruthless and cold blooded who is not afraid to throw out anything that doesn't serve your story. As the director, that someone is certainly not you.

How We Snapped a Picture-Perfect Space Shuttle Launch: A Photography Team's Triumph | Imelda B. Joson and Edwin L. Aguirre |
Now that you've missed your chance, here's an article on how to take a good picture of the Shuttle launch.
Our biggest challenge was how to construct weatherproof housing for the camera (an old Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT) and a sound-activated trigger that would fire the camera's shutter once it picked up the roar from the shuttle's main engines. And we had to finish building and testing the system in less than two weeks. Talk about time pressure!

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