Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mac Lion Update 2

Initial thoughts on OS X Lion
| John Montgomery | a tasty slurry of things digital [and more]
John's been using Lion for a few weeks, and offers his thoughts and experience. He's found it mostly painless, though getting used to the change in scrolling has taken a while. Also he notes:
A big app in the business is Nuke — and as I mentioned above it does not run on my Lion MBP. I’ve found bugs when using applications such as After Effects (10.5), Photoshop (5.1), Final Cut Pro, and others. But no “showstoppers” as we call them in bug testing.

OS X 10.7 Lion and AE | Steve Forde | Adobe
For After Effects specifically – there are no known specific issues to report with CS 5 or CS 5.5 running on 10.7 Lion.

What's new in Lion: QuickTime and Preview | Christopher Breen | Macworld
While Apple hasn't added back in all the features that were in QuickTime Player 7, they have expanded the functionality of the QuickTime Player in Lion:
Specifically, the new version of QuickTime Player (10.1) provides two new export commands in the File menu: Export and Export for Web. [...] QuickTime provides just a handful of templated options: 420p; 720p; iPod touch & iPhone 3GS; and iPad, iPhone 4 & Apple TV. The Export for Web command provides three options: Wi-Fi (H.264, 1-mbps maximum data rate), Cellular (H.264, 220-kbps max) and Broadband (H.264, 5-mbps).

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Review | Robert Mohns | Macintouch
The first part of Macintouch's review provides an overview, list of "What's Gone", installation overview and covers changes to the Finder and many of the standard system apps.

Macintouch also hosts an ongoing discussion: Commentary

iTunes: OS X Lion - Apple®
iTunes: OS X Lion Server - Apple®

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