Thursday, July 21, 2011

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10 Things wish I knew the first time I opened Premiere Pro | Clay Asbury
| Post Tips
Thinking of switching to, or buying Premiere? Clay offers his advice to those just starting out:
8. Show Audio Time Units when making an Audio Edit.
Helpful when looking at video frames don’t cut it. You can do this in the Source or Program Monitor. Go to the the pulldown menu and select “Show Audio Time Units”.

How to rate your social media footprint and engagement for filmmakers
| Chris Jones | ChrisJonesBlog
What is Klout? Do you have it?
Klout is an online tool that analyses and rates your social media presence, engagement, influence, outreach…

How Documentaries Have Changed the World, Literally | Maggie Pearce
| SnagFilms
An interesting look at three documentaries, and the effect they appear to have had on society and business. Unfortunately, the studies aren't listed, which would have made this more useful.

Amazon Beams Up CBS; Major Step In Instant Video Competition With Netflix
| Staci Kramer | PaidContent
Amazon continues to expand the library of free video's available for streaming by Amazon Prime customers:
Currently, Amazon Prime Instant Video includes more than 6,000 movies and TV shows. The CBS content will boost it by roughly 33 percent to 8,000 when it’s added later this summer.

An Editor's Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro: Importing Media | PeachPit Press
A sample chapter from the book: An Editor's Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro

Web Series Creator Yuri Baranovsky On Succeeding In The Web Video Industry
| Megan O'Neill | Social Times
Writer, producer, director and actor Yuri Baranovsky has worked on a number of web- series and offers his thoughts on the medium:
“People are going to tell you that you need to only make videos of a certain length, to aim for a niche audience, to do this, to do that—but this is not a world where standards stick. No one knows what really works yet, and things are literally changing month by month by month. So, go out, make something good and see what happens—this, more than anything, is the most important step.

5 Current Trends Shaping the Television Industry | Lauren Drell | Mashable
Where do things stand? A list of current trends explained: 1. TV Embraces the Internet, 2. The Box Office Pulls People Away From Their TVs, 3. LCD and Flat-Panel Screens Dominate, 4. TV Is Going Social, and 5. Advertising Is More Targeted.

Lets Play Chess | CanonRumors
This is fun, a chess set using Nikon and Canon lenses; all $151,202.17 of them!

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