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Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 16


100 Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered | Scott Simmons | The EditBlog
Answers to questions asked during a recent Final Cut Pro X webinar:
1) is there an extend edit command for trimming?
Yes, shift + X will extend the selected edit to the skimmer or playhead. Also get to know Trim Start option + [ and Trim End option + ] as they are very helpful when extending edits as well.

Michael Wohl Demos Hidden FCP X Editing Tricks at LA Final Cut Pro Users Group Meeting | Rounik Sethi | MacProVideo
Three videos of a recent LAFCPUG meeting on June 28th 2011 where Michael Wohl (one of the first designers of the original Final Cut and insider at Apple over the past 9 months) demoed some hidden editing tricks within Final Cut Pro X.

App Store Volume Purchasing for Business | Apple
There's now a page on Apple's site covering volume purchasing.


FCPX Tutorial: How To Use The Powerful Final Cut Pro X Color Matching Tool | Danny Greer |
Explains how to match colors between clips

Sky Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X | Matt's Macintosh | YouTube
How to get a blue sky through color correction in Final Cut Pro X using Add Color Mask.

Final Cut Pro X to After Effects Workflow | Matt's Macintosh | YouTube
A tutorial on a basic workflow for exporting and importing footage between Final Cut Pro X and After Effects. NOTE: It's not exporting the timeline.

FCPX tip: how to sync a sound effect to a generator animation - quickly
| Butch Mahoney | YouTube
Covers searching for sounds in the library, adding markers to indicate keyframes, splitting and retiming clips.

Video Tutorial: How to Run FCP 7 and FCP X on the same computer
| Ashley Kennedy |
Pretty exhaustively covers issues when running both applications on the same computer.


FCPX Project Transfer Solution | Southland DSLR
Examines how Projects and Events are organized, and how to move them from one location to another, and potential problems to avoid:
The one main pill I can see that I have to swallow is now I will not be able to save a project into my own folder structure, I have to let FCPX handle that by using only the two projects and events folders in the main root of the drive.

FCPX Shortcut: Adjusting the Volume of Clips in the Timeline
| Danny Greer |
How to quickly adjust the volume level of any clip, or group of clips, in the Final Cut Pro X timeline.


‘Event Manager X’ Aims to Bring Finer Control to Final Cut Pro X’s Media Management | NoFilmSchool
Short writeup on a $4.99 utility for mounting and unmounting Event and Project folders.

Free camera aperture effect for FCPX | Butch Mahoney |
An effect built in Motion. Note: FCP.Co is compiling a list of free effects here: Free FCPX effects

Free Timecode Reader for FCPX | Peter Wiggins |
Link to free Timecode Reader (use second link.)


3400 clips and counting.... | FCPX_megatest
Final Cut Pro X performs okay with thousands of clips in the Events Library, though there seems to be some performance fall-off.


Coming to Avid Media Composer: 64-bit, 4K and higher projects, a new interface | Brady Betzel | Post Magazine
Another report from Avid's "Committed to the Professional" evening.

Committed to the Professional - Burbank Event Highlights | Avid | YouTube
Avid posts a short video blog of the "Committed to the Professional" event

Avid Pounces in the Wake of Apple's Final Cut Pro X 'Debacle' | Carolyn Giardina
| Hollywood Reporter
Another report from the Avid event:
“I think it was really important, in the wake of the debacle of what Apple did with Final Cut, that Avid stayed and are there for the professionals,” Dan Lebental, editor of upcoming Cowboys & Aliens -- which was cut on an Avid system -- told The Hollywood Reporter during the event.

Kevin Smith on Avid Rough Cut | FilmmakerIQ
Filmmaker Kevin Smith talks about his filmmaking experience using Media Composer and reactions to his unconventional approach to promoting his latest film Red State.

Am I avidly avid about Avid? | Rob Ashe | The Bear Wrestler
Looks at what EditShare, Adobe and Avid have done in response to Apple's release of Final Cut Pro.


The magnetic timeline and reasonable defaults | Chris Kenny | Nice Dissolve
A defense of the Magnetic Timeline and it's implementation of "reasonable defaults."

Final Cut Pro X: New Dog, Old Tricks | Alisdair | Cooking With Apples
A positive review:
When I first launched FCPX I have to admit I screamed a little inside – what have you done Apple? At the end of the day though, or more accurately by around lunchtime, I was left bemused considering the furore over its release just how quickly and easily I was able to adapt to the revolutionary new way of working, and cut together my first FCPX project.

After Final Cut Pro debacle, does Apple still care about creative pros?
| Dave Girard | Ars Technica
A level-headed analysis looking not just at Final Cut Pro X:
While I'm deeply invested in Apple's desktop Mac Pro line, I'm also realistic about Apple's faults and about how the company views content creation professionals as it becomes increasingly consumer-oriented. Which is why the recent, most contentious example of Apple's approach—the FCP X launch—wasn't much of a surprise to me.

Steve Jobs is just sort of, kind of, into you | Rob Ashe | The Bear Wrestler
A somewhat positive opinion piece:
I can deal with what I see as missing features as these things will hopefully come in time but the “iMovie pro” term that people were throwing around is pretty accurate. It was built perhaps with not the same code but the same mentality. I think it would have done wonders for Apple if they called it “iFilm” or just “Final Cut”.

Maccast 2011.07.16 – Final Cut Pro X | MacCast
I haven't listend to this, though given that the three video pros featured, Richard Harrington, Ron Brinkmann, and Chris Fenwick, have posted extensive and negative articles about Final Cut Pro X, it's pretty easy to guess what direction this is going to go.

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