Saturday, July 23, 2011

News From Here & There

Sony FS100E to get FREE firmware upgrade later in year to enable 24p, 30p, 60p, 60i | Philip Bloom | PhilipBloom
Philip reports that one of the "main Sony Europe chaps" told him that Sony would be offering a free update to the camera that gives the Brits US frames rates and 24p (at the moment they have only 25p and 50p while US users have 24p, 30p and 60p) He doesn't know if they will bring 25p and 50p to US users.

Boston Final Cut Pro User Group meeting recap | Mike Tomei | MikeTomeiBlog
Mike's report from the latest BOSFCPUG meeting which focused on Final Cut Pro X, though other things were mentioned:
One piece of news jumped out at me: Daniel Berube mentioned that the Boston SuperMeet is tentatively scheduled for October 20th, but the date may change to accommodate the schedule of a "special guest." Who could it be? Maybe Larry Jordan, or Kevin Smith (who was bumped from the Vegas SuperMeet), or maybe Apple executives begging us to stick with FCP X. We shall see. Last year's Boston SuperMeet was a very fun evening, as was this year's SuperMeet at NAB.

Nine Things You Should Do After Installing OS X Lion | Greg Kumparak
| TechCrunch
Some advice for the early adopters:
Leave It Alone For A Few Hours:
Here’s why: Lion makes a good number of changes to the way the Spotlight search works. These changes seem to require a reindexing of your hard drive’s contents. The problem? Apple starts this reindexing immediately after Lion boots up for the first time,

Is crowdsourcing simply exploitation? Sheri Candler takes a stand
| Edward J Delaney | DocumentaryTech
Using the net crowds to provide you with free content, and even promote the documentary in which you used that material; sounds like a savvy idea, right? Or are they just using people? And who is using who? An interesting article:
I blogged back then about my reservations about crowdsourcing, and more specifically “citizen journalism” (aka “free work”), calling it the Tom Sawyering of the media, as when Tom dupes his friends into doing his work – whitewashing the fence – for free.

Larger Batteries |
Planning on traveling with your camera gear? Here's information on the lithium camera rules for air travel.
You are allowed one larger lithium ion battery installed in a device, plus up to 2 spare larger lithium ion batteries. These are in addition to any smaller lithium ion batteries. For smaller lithium ion batteries, just follow the Basic rules.
Lithium ion batteries rated over 300 watt-hours (25 g ELC) are forbidden.

One Size Fits All Zip Gear |
Jag35 has just released this One SIze Fits All Zip Gear is an 11 1/4″ X 1/2 Universal Zip gear design to fit most still lenses. $21.00

VidCaster comes out of beta, now available to all | Ryan Lawler | Gigaom
VidCaster, a San Francisco startup providing professional distribution tools, has come out of beta:
VidCaster’s big value proposition — and its competitive advantage against some of the larger online video distribution platforms, like Brightcove or Ooyala — is that it combines all the tools one might need to set up a video page and archive, without requiring all the usual necessary technical expertise used to deploy those sites.

Introducing Adobe Audition CS5.5: Learn by Video | Maxim Jago | PeachPit Press
Just released, Introducing Adobe Audition CS5.5: Learn by Video [Amazon] is a focused video workshop and accompanying 48-page full-color book that will teach editors how to create, edit, and enhance audio for broadcast, film, and video, using Adobe Audition CS5.5.

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